happy new year, happy new year

Goodmorning, world of the schmucks!
A special day is coming up! New Year´s Eve. Have a nice one, and don´t drink and drive!

Right now I´m just listening to Michael and Janet, cleaning my room a little, better go get a shower. Tonight me, my mom and my sister are going to our friends the Bäckströms to celebrate the new year and the new decade! I am overexcited over the new year - I told you I made that so far secret decision, but it´s not fully completed yet. I don´t know what to do! I wish I could write songs. But I suck at it. I always get into other songs - I always get into Billie Jean, Black or White, 2 Bad, Beat It or The Supremes´ Love don´t come easy. I´ma have to practice that.

Do you schmucks make new year´s resolutions?

By the way, I believe pictures from Xmas, my birthday and a little random ones will be up later today!


Genevieve Jackson just told me there was an earthquake in Orange County. She didn´t feel it though. I would like to feel one once, hope I will when I move to California myself. Hope no one got hurt, though.

Long for New Year´s, being spent with family and friends.

Just gonna dance a little bit more, then get knocked out listening to Rock with you on repeat. Goodnight, blog-world :)

Man, I just get so mad at the picture uploading machine! It doesn´t wanna upload certain pictures, it happens quite a lot actually. And it always strikes the best ones. Though, this one is just as good as any, and luckily enough it worked this time :D He´s just too adorable!

change of heart

for one person that hates him, there are one million that love him.

we are here to change the world

Now I´m gonna watch Scrubs and suck on my lollipop :)

Michael Jackson recording "We are here to change the world" for Captain Eo. He´s so sweet. Look at his sweet laugh at his own "hee hee", haha!


I already broke the visitor record, think it´s because of Sabrina´s link, thank you so much, hun, love you xoxo.

For those of you who find your way here through Sabrina (Lovely-Michael Joseph Jackson on Facebook); what she wanted you to read is my post called "we´re sending out our major love and this is our message to you", one or two posts below. Thnx for checking in, hope you stay :)

share that beat of love

Sitting here, a little bored, listening to my azum playlist on Spotify (all Michael, heehee). Should really get ready and get out with those damned papers, buuut.. Found a little list on my dear friend Jess´ blog, though it would be kinda fun..
(I´ll answer in English though the questions are in Swedish, because I think it´ll be too fucked up otherwise)

1. Gjorde du något i år som du aldrig gjort förut? You always do new things, everyday. So this question is kinda dumb. But the biggest thing, I believe, I did new this year was probably that I made a very big decision. Though I made this decision like two days ago..
2. Höll du några av dina nyårslöften? Well, first of all, I´m not into that whole New Year´s resolution thing, because if there´s anything I wanna change about myself, I make sure I do it. Although, I do make resolutions because it´s fun, and to see if I manage to keep it. My only problem there would be the fact that I never remember the resolution of last year, and it wouldn´t help typing it down, thank you very much..
3. Blev någon/några av dina vänner föräldrar i år? People I know that I´m not that close to.
4. Dog någon som stod dig nära? Yes. Two people. And I just can´t stand it.
5. Vilka länder besökte du? Scotland! I love that country.
6. Är det något du saknat år 2009 som du vill ha år 2010? Less mourning? Perhaps.
7. Vilket datum från år 2009 kommer du alltid att minnas? 25th of June and 10th of December.
8. Vad var din största framgång 2009? That I made that decision. It contains everything I ever wanna be, an entertainer.
9. Största misstaget? I don´t often do things I regret.. Even though there are tons of people saying they never regret anything and you should never regret anything because whatever you did that you wanna regret probably gave you something in the end. They´re lying. Sure, you shouldn´t regret unneccessary things. Because I hate the feeling of regret. But what they say, is that a pedophile or a murderer shouldn´t regret what they did because those, oh, so horrible things they did, gave them something. It´s just stupid.
10. Har du varit sjuk eller skadat dig? Nope. Think I escaped the flu.
11. Bästa köpet? All my Michael-stuff.
12. Vad spenderade du mest pengar på? I didn´t really spend a lot of money this year. But what I spent it on.. was probably Michael stuff and clothes.
13. Gjorde någonting dig riktigt glad? Michael. Dancing. This Is It.
14. Vilka sånger kommer alltid att påminna dig om 2009? All Michael´s and Jacksons´ songs. Of course. Songs that I dedicated to Michael. Diana Ross & The Supremes - Ain´t no mountain high enough (could keep me from you).
15. Var du gladare eller ledsnare i år jämfört med tidigare år? Happier, definitely. Despite losing two much loved people.
16. Vad önskar du att du gjort mer? Hm.. Hard question. Wish I would´ve met my grandmother more before that thing. Wish I would´ve gone to North Carolwood Drive 100 to grab Michael and save him from the doctor.
17. Vad önskar du att du gjort mindre? Been reckless.
18. Hur tillbringar du julen? With my family and friends.
19. Blev du kär i år? Ohhhhh yes! More in love than ever.
20. Favoritprogram på TV? Scrubs! Definitely. That ´70s Show as well, though it´s not that funny. Got the Scrubs-box for b-day :)
21. Bästa boken du läste i år?
Wish I could say Moonwalk but I can´t because I´m probably getting it on Saturday.. So I haven´t read it yet. But the best book.. Harry Potter. For the seventh time. Alice´s Adventures In Wonderland, Robin Hood, Oliver Twist.
22. Största musikaliska upptäckten? Michael Jackson :)  Though it wasn´t really a discovery.. Because I´ve been obsessed with his music before, but I really discovered Michael this year.
24. Något du önskade dig och fick när du fyllde år? I got the nicest birthday, really.
25. Något du önskade dig men inte fick? I´m not a person to wish for material things. Since mom wants a list, I write down the things that I really want, really bad. Things that if I don´t get them, I go out and buy them myself. I never write down things I really, really, really want. So my list isn´t that long. This year it contained mostly of Michael.
26. Vad gjorde du på din födelsedag 2009? Ate cake with family, opened presents, watched Scrubs.. That´s pretty much it :P
27. Finns det någonting som skulle gjort ditt år ännu bättre? Well, again, less mourning. If I hadn´t lost anyone.
28. Hur skulle du beskriva din stil år 2009? Oh wow.. Um. How do I describe it.. I mostly had like.. Okay, let´s start with hair. I mostly had my own hair (obviously hehe) but in braids when I slept so it wasn´t as big and afro-ish as it is by nature. I dyed the underhair dark brown. Now I go by my own afro. Clothes.. Well. Think Lisa Marie Presley, Janet Jackson, La Toya Jackson (during like the ´70s or something), Michael Jackson.. Ah, I suck at this. Goodbye, question.
29. Vad fick dig att må bra? The dancing classes, Michael, my family and friends, performing..
30. Vilken kändis var du mest sugen på? Michael Jackson of course haha. Stupid question.
31. Vem saknade du? During six months of it I missed Michael. During twenty days of it I missed my grandmother.
32. De bästa nya människorna du träffade? The most great person ever, I never met.. Michael. I met Johanna. My awesome new class. I met a lot of nice people. But I´d say Michael and Johanna.
33. Vad ser du fram emot? Right now, as 2009 isn´t over yet, being the 30th of December.. I look forward to New Year´s. I look forward to 2010 because it´ll be my year. I look forward to 2010 because it´s the year of the Jacksons. Austin has a lot to offer, he says. Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon and Tito also say they got a lot for the world. I can´t wait for it!
I look forward to see whether the rumour of the death hoax of Michael Jackson turns out to be true during 2010.. I look forward to the journeys I´ll make during 2010. Hopefully Edinburgh again. I look forward to all the performances I´ll be performing.

I just came to think of how hard it must´ve been for Elizabeth Taylor to celebrate Christmas without Michael.. not to mention Prince, Paris and Blanket..
I just have to tell you.. my dear friend Nessa in the USA was watching ET (American channel for those of you who didn´t already know).. When all of a sudden, Prince came up and answered the question of how he´s gonna spend New Year´s. Guess what he answered? "I´m gonna celebrate it with my dad and family". Nessa swears he said so! Could be a spiritual thing though, Prince perhaps means dad will be with them in their hearts, looking down at them from Neverland. I sure hope he meant concretely though!
Though, I do think it sounds weird that Prince Jackson was on tv answering a question..

we´re sending out our major love and this is our message to you

These kinds of stuff just make me so darn mad! One thing you should know about me; I have no tolerance whatsoever with people who think they can say anything about anyone, without that person having done something really bad. You all probably already know people talked so much bullshit behind Michael´s back like you can´t imagine. These filthy lies people came up with, that were probably in the beginning only supposed to be a thing to make a story more interesting, but then they realized the lies were gonna get ´em money, leaked to the press that published them as the white truth.
The press along with complete morons like the Chandler-family, Martin Bashir, Diane Sawyer, I hate to say this because I believe her explaining about her ex-husband brainwashing her, but unfortunately there are people who don´t, but even his own sister, La Toya, contributed. Sometimes even the police. They made Michael´s life a hell. A hell.

But what I hate most about these people (I don´t hate La Toya, I´m leaving her out of this, I love La Toya), is not the fact that they spread such horrible lies about Michael. What I hate the most about these asses, is the fact that they didn´t confess. Until Michael died.
Evan Chandler confessed. Michael never did anything to that kid. Not to any kid. Never ever. He´d rather slit his throat wide open. He´d jump off the balcony right off the bat if someone told him all the children were gone. That´s what he said. And I believe him. He loves children. But not in the way people seem to expect.
Now Bashir has confessed. You´ll find the interview at the bottom of this post.
I can´t help but to feel (a very little) compassion with him, because of the kind words he says of Michael. But I won´t let myself get tricked by this big ass - how could we ever trust him again? We couldn´t. We shouldn´t. That would be betraying Michael. Because what Bashir did to him.. is just not forgiveable. I forgive very easily, way too easily. But not this time.

ghosts, 2 bad

told me that you´re doin´ wrong. word out shockin´ all alone. cryin´ wolf ain´t like a man. throwin´ rocks to hide your hands.
you ain´t done enough for me, you ain´t done enough for me. you are disgustin´ me. you´re aimin´ just for me, you are disgustin´ me. just want your cut from me, but too bad, too bad.
look who just walked in the place, dead and stuffy in the face. look who´s standin´ if you please, though you tried to bring me to my knees.
too bad, too bad about it. why don´t you scream and shout it? too bad, too bad about it. why don´t you just scream and shout it?
hell all up in Hollywood. sayin´ that you got it good. creepin´ from a dusty hole. tales of what somebody told.
what do you want from me? what do you want from me? tired of you haunting me. you´re aiming just for me, you are disgustin´ me. you got blood lust for me, but too bad, too bad.
look who got slapped in the face. it´s dead and stuffy in the place. I´m right back where I wanna be, I´m standin´ though you´re kickin´ me.
too bad, too bad about it. why don´t you scream and shout it? too bad, too bad about it. why don´t you just scream and shout it?
life´s about a dream. I´m really undefeated when MJ is on my team, theme. reality brings forth realizm. it´s the man of steel organizm, twizm. not from the prizm, take charge like manilla. nine five shaq represent with the Thrilla. grab my crotch, twist my knee, then I´m through.
Mike´s bad, I´m bad. who are you?
too bad, too bad about it. why don´t you scream and shout it? too bad, too bad about it. why don´t you just scream and shout it?

text: Michael Jackson - 2 Bad lyrics

Sorry, I just couldn´t stop adding pictures! :D

you´ve been struck by a smooth criminal

I´m so excited! For my awesome b-day I got a make-over of my room! Tomorrow we´re going to IKEA to get all the stuff I want. One of the walls is going to be completely covered in mirrors, so I get my own "dancestudio". I´ll get loads of shelves to put my CDs and books in. The remaining three walls will be covered in MJ-paintings and posters. I´m also considering painting his logo (picture) on one of the walls! I really hope mom will let me do that.

Plus, I´ve got so much money right now (don´t wanna brag or anything, but I haven´t spent money on almost anything since June (that dreadful month), and having gotten about 2000 crowns a month.. it´s been piling up. Plus, I got money for xmas and I got 1000 crowns today, so I got a little to spend), I´m gonna make a huge order on CDon ;) Getting a CD shelf is a good reason to buy loads of CDs, because the ones I already have won´t take up even a fifth of the space.

The logo I want to be painted on my wall forEVER

happy birthday to me

Goodmorning, schmucks!
I won´t be updating again until tonight, I think. It´s my b-day and I´m celebrating it with my family.
Have a nice day :D

Since it is my birthday.. let´s have a Mike-marathon :D

I would like to upload a thousand more but there´s not time! I have a date to catch! <-- Alice in Wonderland

this ain´t no truth or dare

My uncle once told me, dream BIG.. When you don´t dream you technically aren´t living. Our dreams are all we have to give us hope.

- Austin Brown

It´s my sixteenth birthday in exactly six minutes.

Michael Jackson and Austin Brown will be my leading stars (like, stars, in the sky, not stars = celebrities) during my sixteenth (or is it seventeenth?) year in life. It´ll be a year of development, growth and success.

I love you forever, Michael.
(It´s one of my favorite pictures of all pictures in the world and that´s why I´m uploading for a third time in less than a week, hehe)

man in the mirror

I just saw the movie Man in the Mirror that is about Michael Jackson´s life.

It was by far the worst movie I´ve ever seen in my whole life, and will probably ever see.

There were obvious, stupid, idiotic mistakes to the right and to the left, the movie was wrapped in it! And the actors SUCKED! Especially the one who was playing Michael (of course they had to put the worse actor on the main character).
When he got the part and he thought he had to look at some Michael interviews to see what Michael´s personality´s like, I bet he only watched the ones where he´s shy and frustrated, like with Diane Sawyer and Martin Fucking Bashit. Because he got Mikey completely wrong. COMPLETELY wrong. Don´t watch it. If you´re not a fan, or a fan that´s not that into him (they exist, unfortunately), you´ll think he´s like that for real. He´s not.

He can make fun of himself. He can have fun. He isn´t all sugarsweet all the time. No one is like that. The character in the movie would never wear a jacket that looks like the one in the picture. Or give the finger to the press. Mike did that. Because he´s a warrior. He won´t just sit there and let them eat him. The character did. Flex Alexander sucks.

I´ll be back!

sweet dreams

Goodmornin´! Just gonna let you guys know there won´t be any updates for a while now ´cause I´m going to the mall now. See ya soon!

our dreams are all we have to give us hope

It´s my birthday tomorrow!!!! (The 28th)

2010 will be my year. A year full of mornings when I´ll wake up and realize part of me is gone forever and even though memories are all around, sometimes I just wanna hear a voice. During 2009, I have lost two persons who are both very dear to me, and I love them endlessly. I will miss them every single second for the rest of my life, and I won´t ever stop crying. But I won´t either ever let myself drown in my own tears. What doesn´t kill me, only makes me stronger. I will live my life as Michael learns, running on the fuel of my grandmother´s faith in me and the love of the ones I keep close to my heart.

how i wonder where you are

Sorry to say pictures will not be up tonight, due to the domain´s problems with the uploading of pictures. I´ll try again tomorrow, sometimes it cooperates with my stupid Internet.
Gonna watch the end of The Da Vinci Code now, then go to bed and watch some Michael-vids. Have a nice night, I appreciate every single one of you
Read on Jackie´s twitter by the way, for the Jackson-fans, next part of The Jacksons - A family dynasty will be exploding of surprises. And then, there will be one biggie in the final of the whole thing! Can´t wait ´til the show gets here to Sweden, or to know what the surprises are.

(Guess what I came to think of? I share the same initials as Rebbie Jackson! As she married Nathaniel Brown and changed her name, got divorced but kept it, her name is Rebbie Brown and mine is Rebbie Bohlin. It´s just so fucking awesome I share the same nickname as one of the Jacksons!)

Hi, I´m Rebbie Bohlin, I got a thing for Michael Jackson


Yep! I had time to get involved in a car crash before 2009 is over. It wasn´t bad, but it was still a carcrash!

Back home from the cousins´, I got a t-shirt that I´m changing, a necklace, a candle and 300 crowns on IKEA! Awesome.
My b-day in two days :)  Hoping to get Moonwalk!

Pictures will be up!

This picture is just so awesome, I´ll upload it again.

twinkle twinkle little star

Hey guys!
Just gonna update a little quick before I´m heading to my cousins´ to open some more presents and spend time with the family. I was just gonna tell you the reason why I´m so excited right now - I just signed up for Twitter, here is it, follow it if you´d like!
The reason I´m so excited is because I´m following some great people´s twitter.. No others than Jackie Jackson, Randy Jackson, Janet Jackson, Austin Brown (Rebbie Jackson´s son), Genevieve Jackson (Randy´s daughter) and Elizabeth Taylor! Twitter is effing awesome. I love it.
Pictures will be up when I get home.
Have a nice day!

I believe this is Jermaine Jackson.. but I am not sure

there are ways to get there, if you care enough for the living

To say he was a genius seems so little. To say I love him is just not enough. I wish my vocabulary encompassed what I feel.

You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to see this again and again. Memorize it and say to yourselves, "I saw genius in my lifetime".

I loved genius in my lifetime. God is so good to me. I will love Michael forever and so will you, if you don't already.

We cannot let his life be in vain / and always done with love. Remember that. Remember him and thank God for him and his genius.

I won't use words like preaching because that is off-putting, but listen. Listen to his messages.

If you listen to his lyrics they are those of a modern day prophet and it beseeches us to listen to him and what he sings.

smile though your heart is aching..

.. but what if I just can´t.

Six damned months, it´s been.
Since that horrible morning. When my sister came to me and told me the impossible.

I would like to write something that really means something. Something that would put color on my feelings, for those of you who don´t understand. How much love there is, between one human being, and millions of others. How much love there could possibly be, in just one single person.
Think you know just who I am talking about.

If I´d ever meet him in person, the last thing I would do would be acting like a fan.

But what I would really like to do, would be to sing to him in person.
I would sing "I´ll be there", if I could. Because that´s what I am. There for him, through rain and sunshine. In our darkest hour. In his deepest despair. I will still care, I will be there. In his trials, and his tripulations. Through our doubts and frustrations. In his violence. In his turbulence. Through his fear, and his confessions. In his anguish, and his pain. Through his joy and his sorrow. In the promise of another tomorrow.

I´ll never let you part, for you´re always in my heart. In mine, and in millions of others.


goodmorning, applehead

I just woke up, it got kind of late last night, me and brother stayed up playing on the Wii me and my sister got for Xmas! I´m addicted to it. Did you guys have the best of Xmases? Hope you did.
It sucks now that Xmas is practically over though. There is one good thing about Xmas being over though.. it´s my birthday on Monday! :D  Wey, finally turning sixteen. It sucks when almost all my friends are a year older than me, my bestie turns seventeen a month after I turn sixteen.. Feels gooooood.

Don´t forget to turn on channel four (I think it is) 21.00, ´cause the King of Pop, Rock and Soul will be on your tv! Enjoooy.

This is some of what I got (I always forget like half of the stuff):

Wii and remotes and games (you gotta get them at the side)
Two Michael paintings (pictures are Essential Michael Jackson and Bad.. I love them!!)
Man in the Mirror (movie about Michael´s life)
Subscription on Brittish magazine Top of the Pops
A movie called Flashdance
A book called Alice´s adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking-glass (it´s the same book)
A book called Svart drama by Magnus Nordin
LOADS of old Donald Ducks (from the fifties and the sixties!)
Notepad (that says "Evil plans and other stuff", hehe)
Notebook with Betty Boop on

And loads of other stuff of course that I forget..
What did you guys get? :D

(Pictures were taken, will be up later today)

so have yourself a merry little christmas now




they say the sky´s the limit, and to me that is really true

Hello! Sitter och slår in julklapparna ju, vi ska fixa klart de sista sakerna här hemma, sen blir det National Lampoon´s Christmas Vacation. Jultradition :)
Var i stan, köpte en klänning med grymma axelvaddar och puffärmar. Ska ha den imorgon, så bättre bilder lär det komma, här har ni en riktigt kass en på ena ärmen..

dan före dan före dopparedan..

..är över! Imorgon är det julafton, ladies and gentlemen!
Nu drar jag till stan med Molle. Byes!

Jag och mina syskon hos morfar i Småland för massa år sen. Jag i mitten, Johnny till höger och Helene till vänster.

you don´t bring a gun to a snowball fight

Hello, peeps of the blog of Rebbie!
Hasn´t been much updating lately. Good thing, huh? Means I got myself more of a life.
Or I just spent a little too much shooting FarmVille.
No, really. I don´t play FarmVille.
What I did was decorating the tree! Wey, it´s finally there! I´d like to have a real American Christmas (in Sweden though.. or maybe not. One of my biggest dreams is to go to USA, but I´d like to keep the tradition of a Christmas at home. Stockholm will always be home. Would be nice to go back to Edinburgh though, over Christmas.. I love Edinburgh!), without having to wait ´til Christmas day to open the presents.. By American, I mean loads of lights and lit Santa Clauses and reindeer everywhere and the biggest tree to ever fit our livingroom with all the decoration in the world.. Well, a Christmas much like the one the Griswolds are having in Nation Lampoon´s Christmas Vacation (Ett päron till farsa firar jul), without all the tree-trouble, godforsaken relatives, uptight neighbors from the future and a dog named Snots.

nothing can keep me, keep me from you


neverending parade of stupid

She was the neeew giiirl in.. tooooown!
Shit, jag älskar sextiotalet! Särskilt sextiotal á la Motown. Tänk Supremes, Jackson 5, Jackie Wilson, Diana Ross, Negro Day på Corny Collin´s Show (i Hairspray) med Motormouth Maybelle, soul, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder.. AAAH! L.O.V.E.
Har ni något favorittiotal (under 1990-talet)? Mina är helt klart sextiotalet och åttiotalet.

Fick just veta att jag börjar nio istället för kvart över tolv, yippie ki-yay MF.. Men det är bara att tuta och köra, sista dagen före lovet, WIIIIHOOOOO! Freedom. Äntligen!

Jag och Molle bestämde att vi ska gå och testa musikaldans på Danscenter när de har öppet hus nästa gång. LÄNGTAR! SÅ jädrans mycket. Äntligen! Har velat dansa musikaldans sedan jag såg Grease första gången, dvs jag var liten, men jag har aldrig lyckats ta reda på vad själva dansstilen heter och aldrig hittat vart den finns. Men.. ikväll. Då fann jag den! Wäääy.

Helene (syster) köpte förresten Elvis-strumpor till oss idag. Hehe, jag är så jäkla taggad på att låtsas att jag lever under sextiotalet. Någon som bangar?


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.. Diana Ross and the Supremes!

let the madness in the music get to you

Shit, kan knappt skriva, fingrarna är helt sönderfrysta. Men ändå ska jag om typ tio minuter ut i backen med Molle! Jag vill ju kolla på Hairspray också, deras fiiiina kläder och Motown mood, wii. Nu ska jag ut i mitt winder wonderland,

sending much L.O.V.E.!


Sweethearts! Jag är nominerad till att bli Veckans Blogg hos MelissaG! Så om ni vill rösta på mig (klart ni vill), så kommenterar ni på inlägget som handlar om tävlingen. I kommentaren skriver ni "Rebbie, nummer sju". Wey, jag fick nummer sju, the magic number! :D
Om ni röstar, skriv gärna en kommentar till mig om det så jag kan tacka er. :)

Så här glad blir jag om ni röstar. (Jag vet, jag ser inte glad ut. Men det blir jag!)

in the happyland

Goodmorning my little schmucks! Good start of the day, sleep-in and then sitting here listening to Duffy, The Supremes and Michael and reading Donald Duck.
I want to watch Hairspray! Hehe. I saw it when it was new in the theatre, and then we bought the movie. And I thought it sucked. I still think it does. Apart from the mood in it, and the clothes. It´s sixties, baby! I love the sixties. Lisa Marie Presley´s clothes in ma hat fo´ evah

No school today.. Well, I´ll be in school, but all we´re gonna do is watch a movie. Neccessary? Not very. After school I´m going to hit the hill with Molle to play in the snow, wiii!

This überserious pic was taken three seconds ago.
Question: do you guys think I look like a black girl who got vitiligo? A guy asked me a couple of days ago if I was black for real and had gotten vitiligo. Maybe hard to tell from this pic. He thought I have the structure of a black person.

Beautiful Lisa Marie with her beautiful clothes and her most beautiful ex-husband

you better not pout, i´m tellin´ you why

Damn! These shoes are.. WOW!
The sucky thing about them is the fact that when wearing them, the awesome shimmering part won´t show.. Molle had a good idea; I´ll just wear them as earrings. Well, if you´re looking for a stretch. Hehe.

you better watch out, you better not cry

Hello! Got home a few hours ago, we skipped the Christmas market because of the snow, we wouldn´t have made it out of town if we´d have gone. Some other day.
Went home and made gingerbread cookies and a gingerbread house and put frosting on them.

I didn´t get a single picture today.. No, wait. I actually got one. But it sucks. I was trying to shoot the snow from the car, but another car drove past right when it pulled off so.. It looks kind of cool though.

It´s really a winter wonderland where I live now. Now that it´s not snowing like crazy, well, it is snowing a lot, but it´s not a storm. It looks like the perfect winter, like the one you connect to Mickey Mouse.

Now I´m gonna make Christmas cards and then draw Peter Pan.. (yes, I love Disney) See ya tonight!

Another unmotivated picture that I just happen find beautiful

the world´s a better place when it´s upside down

Just a quicky here again! Going to shop Christmas presents for my cousins today and then to the Christmas market in Old Town. See ya tonight, schmuckheads!

We have a meter snow here now. And it´s still snowing like hell.

oy, fishface! lost something?

Hello schmucks!
Just got home from Bee, it was awesome. Hehe. Though unfortunately, both Maria and Charlie are ill, and Friday is somewhere in the south so they couldn´t make it. It was only me, Molle, Bee and Jennifer.
First we opened our presents. I got an awesome pair of socks from Molle, with Michael on them! I hearts them. Got two awesome nailpolishes and an awesome lipbalm from Jennifer, and a book from Bee. Not just any book, Miss Marple it was, I love Miss Marple! And it was in English as well, which was really good ´cause seeing me reading a book in Swedish is extremely rare, and Bee knows that of course.

My awesome Michael socks


A very flattering photo of me, indeed. Don´t ask me why I look so smug.

tis the season to be jolly, falalalala, lalala.

I ♥ snow :D
Helt underbart, kom precis hem från backen.. Görnajs var det.
Bara så att ni vet, jag är inte från Göteborg. Jag är född och uppvuxen i Stockholm. Men jag säger gött, gör och någonting mer som jag inte minns vad det är för något hela tiden. Don´t ask why. Hehe.

Jag började följa lite bloggar igår på bloglovin.. Jag är besatt! Shit, helt galet. Går in och kollar där hela tiden.

Nu har jag en galen hund här i huset och den, hrrm, gillar mig, kanske lite för mycket. Ska baka peppisar med los kusinos.. Så, vi ses ikväll, kanske! Eller, jo, det gör vi. Idag blir det flitigt användande med kameran (mobilen) i alla fall, så.. Yes!

deck the halls with boughs of holly, falalalala, lalalala

Hinner inte blogga nu, tänkte bara slänga iväg en liiiiten update! Ska ut i backen med småkusinerna och mula syrran, sedan baka pepparkakor och bygga pepparkakshus. Ikväll blir det julklappsutdelning med los polers.
Ha en fin dag!

Ser ni vem som är tomte? ;)

rudolph the rednosed reindeer

Hallåj, kära schmucks!
Som vanligt höll jag inte mitt löfte, och tog absolut noll bilder idag. Vetefan vad jag skulle ha fotat iochförsig, min syrra och hennes fula kompisar känns inte som ett lockande motiv..
Kirrade i alla fall alla julklappar nu, äntligen! Så sinnesjukt galet skönt att ha det gjort. Sitter här nu och ritar en bild på Michael.. Går inte så bra. Han är så sjukt svår att rita! Har sett en lyckad ritning av honom, och jag har ändå stött på jäkligt många. För att lyckas måste man typ vara DaVinci´s reinkarnation. Känns inte så va.

Hare jäkligt gött nu mina schmuckheads så hörs vi imorgon

Nu blev ju den här bilden jäkligt liten, men här är alltså spexfotot min klass tog när vi slutade nian. Temat var beachbabes - så självklart tänkte jag och Molle att vi skulle köra på isfiske i värsta Nordpols-munderingarna. Kan ni se oss? Brevid Maria med simringen. Molle med vita jackan. Jag med ett rött hår i bandet. (Haha, jag menar självfallet rött band i håret.) Detta var alltså augusti 2008, inte julafton 2008.

santa claus is coming to town

I´m feeling Christmas! It has come, finally :D
When buying X-mas presents and X-mas decorations, I really felt the mood coming over me like a bigass wave.
Things that put me in a X-mas mood:
A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens, Disney´s and Scrooge McDuck's)
Disney in general
Michael Jackson
Jackson 5 Christmas Album
Red Hot Chili Peppers´ version of "Deck the halls" - hilarious!
Christmas shopping
Christmas preperations
Ginger bread cookie & Luciabun baking
Woollen socks
Jingle bells
Snow (of course) & all kinds of snowmen
Christmas carols & songs
Coca Cola

I could make this list eternal so I´m just gonna stop right there.. Pretty much everything you could possibly connect to X-mas.

What certain things put you guys in a X-mas mood?

(Jermaine Jackson´s voice is just wonderful in The Christmas Song)

Did you guys know that it was a Swedish/American artist named Haddon Sundblom made the very famous Coca Cola ads with Santa in them? He also brought the red and white Santa from Sweden - in the rest of the world, Santa was green.

walking in memphis

Goodmorning, schmuckheads! Decided to stay home from school today, didn´t feel so good this morning.. Although, I really don´t want to. One of my favorite classes starts in ten minutes. Mediakunskap. It´ll have me suicidal if it turns out to be a fifty pointer.. I don´t think it is, but what if I´m wrong?

Later today (well, in an hour actually.. better get going) I´ll be going to Forum with Molle anyways.. Really don´t want to sit inside all day long, I hate that. That´s partly why I want to go to school everyday, because I wanna stay occupied. Plus, unless I stay up ´til about three at night, I won´t be able to fall asleep. It sucks.

You guys have any plans for tonight? Know I already asked you, but I never seem to get any feedback on the actual things I ask. So, I thought, if I spam you with the same question, you might surrender? We´ll see.

Think we deserve a Michael pic here :D

By the way, I promise I´ll take pictures today! To brighten up the blog a little.

(: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

they make their desicions by the records that they play

Hello my little schmucks! I´m gonna go to bed now but I thought I´d write you a boring little post before..

I just saw on the tv that it´s Musikhelg on channel 2 all weekend, and guess who´s gonna be there.. MICHAEL! Wiii :D

Tomorrow I think I quit school quite early.. Going to Forum with Molle to get some Christmaspresents. What are you guys gonna do tomorrow night? I´ll just be home, dance and sing and just whatever I feel like.

This morning something really freaky happened. I turned on my stereo, there was a light flickering a lot behind me, must´ve been my nightlight.. And the stereo turned itself off the same second the light stopped.



Look what I found when I searched on "Mickey Mouse eighties"
I love that sweater
And I love Michael in it  :D

music is a power people depend on everyday

Tar detta på svenska, känner för det.

Helt jäkla otrolig dag! Hela Stockholm stod still, nu är det kaos och trafikolyckor till höger och vänster.
Vid tolv fick jag veta att alla bussar var inställda. Jaha, hur kommer man hem då? Får hoppas på att de börjar gå igen om någon timma.
Nu är klockan fyra, och nu är det inte bara bussarna! Nej, nu är Bromma flygplats och alla taxisar inställda också! Tjoho. Panik börjar komma krypande i MediaGymnasiet.

Nu går det ett fåtal bussar. Värmdö, där jag bor, var mest problem med, såklart. Men mamma kom och hämtade mig.
Överallt ligger det bussar och bilar i dikena. Det är med risk för sitt liv som man ger sig ut på Stockholms gator ikväll.

Galen dag. Men sjukt rolig, faktiskt. Måhända att det bara är jag och Johanna som tycker det, men det är jäkligt kul att bli insnöad i skolan. Då har man något att prata om, hehe. Kanske inte kul om det händer varje dag, att sitta i skolan varje dag till halv sex känns inte så lockande..

Typiskt mig att inte ta några bilder. När man äntligen är i crazy winter wonderland så klart att man ska glömma.

Såhär ser det ut i Stockholm, om man bortser från att man inte kan se sin nästipp p.g.a. snöstormen, alla trafikolyckor överallt osv. osv. Sedan så är det ju lite mindre bergigt och skogigt, kanske..

just turn up your music, and you don´t need nobody home.

Haha, I´m in school and there are no buses! Haha, I´m really likingggg it. All buses are cancelled due to snowstorm. How do get home, I wonder? This is so much fun.

Another thing that´s just freakin´ awesome is that I quit like fifteen minutes ago - and I gotta wait here in school ´til 15.30 to do that damn math test. That I haven´t studied for. Wey. I´m so much living life on a line.

I´m gonna try to smear up a new header - the current one is really the ugliest shit I´ve ever seen. I just don´t know what pictures to use..

make you wanna, make you wanna, make you wanna ooohh..

Your comments really make me go happy-go-lucky, thanx a lot :)

Time for bedtime.. Well it was 38 minutes ago really. I gotta go to bed very early nowadays because I can´t fall asleep unless I´ve been trying to for two hours. Really stupid, I know, blame my brain for working past time every. single. night.

What Elin (MJalive and here) commented about something La Toya Jackson said in her recent interview, "He really likes what you are doing, we're all watching you" made me very happy. Both the fact that she said it in presence, which is a clue, and that she said the Jackson family is watching us fans and all the things we do for him and them. Makes me warm inside, even though I already knew that. They´re all so full of love, the Jacksons.

I´ll see ya schmucks tomorrow around eleven. Cancelled Englishclass, but me and Yuhäny are staying in school to work on our piles of homework.. plus I have mathtest at 15.30. Yey. That means I´ll be in school doing homework for four and a half hour. Just to do a stupid test. Looking forward.

Hmm.. trying to find a picture that does not have with Michael or celebrities to do. For a change, you know. Don´t want this to turn into a Michael fan blog. Would love to run one, but this one´s not it.

I found pics. But the damn uploadingshitfucker doesn´t wanna collaborate, as usually. So.. live with it. K? :) 


light up the world

I can´t talk! I´ve been singing all day/night since I got home from Skansen, and now I lost it, hehehehehe. YES! I think losing your voice is fun. And then when it´s coming back, it´s hoarse and scratchy, and I love that. What are you schmucks up to tonight? I´ll try to sing even more so it´ll stay away, hehe. I´ll keep trying to reach Michael´s tones in "I´ll be there", "Say say say" and "Who´s loving you" (which of course is impossible unless you´re a little kid with a big fro and your name is Michael Jackson), which are the three songs I´ve been singing over and over and over again.

This is Michael on LSD

I am SO jealous of this microphone..

can you feel it, can you feel it, CAN YOU FEEL IT

Times are good, times like these when you have absolutely no responsibilities or chores or other stupid inventions, and one is free to SING and LISTEN and LOOK and LEARN and DANCE 'til one gets enough :D


Two seconds after I wrote that I remembered I got a mathtest tomorrow.

Two seconds after I wrote that I figured I´ll have hours to study tomorrow, wii :D

Times are good again!

Question: Do you guys think it´s annoying to read because it´s in English? Now I know I won´t be getting any feedback whatsoever on this, but one could always hold one´s thumbs.

Let´s cheer the ones who are without snow this year up with a pretty pic :D

music is a comfort, well, when you´re all alone

Hello schmucks! Had a good day? Azum! School today was extrrrremely unneccessary! But fun! I think I´m alone of thinking so though. We went to Skansen, listened to an old man talking about school a hundred years ago for about fifteen minutes, then we went home. Me and Johanna went to this really awesome candyshop though and bought some sweeeetttt stuffff, which was really stupid of me because now I won´t be able to sleep tonight either, which results in getting late for class tomorrow, which is only embarrassing with this teacher..

I saw this really sweet girl in school today. I am soooo jealous of her! She looks exactly like Janet Jackson as a teenager!

Today I drank milk that tasted like ass. I kept drinking it.

Today a woman told me how to use google. I was like..

//The asslicker

a willow deeply scarred, somebody´s broken heart

It´s good to get up early ´cause it´s real damn good to take it easy in the morning. I love it. And I could even go back to sleep for fifteen minutes before. I feel that today´s gonna be a good day. At least at school. We´re going to Skansen, which will probably not be the funniest of trips, since we´re not gonna be looking at the animals, but you know.. Got paperround after though. Not looking forward.
Have a good day. I won´t be updating until I get home from Skansen, so here you have a beautiful picture of Mike to go with :)
Now I got a bus to catch!

earth song

Yes! Mission accomplished! I sent a really sweet video of Michael to my friend Molle - and she said "hahaha, gud vad söt han är". Do you guys know just how happy I was to hear that? Because it is so true, but none of my friends has realized yet! I´m so glad.
This is the video. He is undescribably sweet in it. I can´t post it because it´s been inactivated on demand, but here´s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akFafvFCHOA&feature=related

This picture is from the video

hurry down the chimney tonight

Ah, man! I wanna go to my beloved California. Really. Now. Want. To. Go. There. I´ve been dreaming of Cali since age of eleven. Now it´s really time to go. When mom considers me old enough, I´ll go with some friends. I want to move there. And still have a house here in Stockholm. And a house near my relatives in Vancouver, Canada. Where do you guys wanna live? USA in my heart forever.

Now I´m gonna watch Ugly Betty when it comes on and DANCE and SING. FINALLY! Been longing aaalll day!



Sweetest pic ever!


In school, as usual. Good day today, only got math and then we´re all going to some kind of exhibition. After that, I´m going to Forum with Molle to look for christmas presents. Hope I´ll find, well, maybe not all, but many. See, on Friday, the "gang", me, Molle, Bee, Friday, Charlie, Maria and Jennifer are supposed to get together and exchange presents. So there´s a bit of a hurry, seeing as I haven´t got any yet.
I found the clock of my dreams yesterday! It was in camouflage, with a little compass beneath the clock itself, and in the clock it said "U.S. Army". Ohhh my God! Seriously. I put it on my wishlist immediately.
What are you guys doing today?

Haha, aww, so sweet climbing a tree


Aaah, life is wonderful, and I'm grateful :D
I went to the city with Bee today (HAHA, like seventh time, seriously!). We went to Beyond Retro, what an amazing store.. Really. I bought a sticky thing, could show you like tomorrow. We also went to this really awesome store called Eden, it's awesome because everything is so cheap! Like a shampoobottle that costs about 40 crowns in regular supermarkets like Coop Forum costs 19 crowns there.
The store is also awesome because they had a whole wall full of really awesome Michael-paintings! They were huuuge, there were small ones and middle ones as well, and they were so cheap. The hugest one costs 49 and it was maybe one meter times one and a half!!!!! I called my mom immediately and tipped her off, just in case ya know, now since christmas times and all, haha.
Now I´m going to go to bed. I´ve been having far too little sleep lately.
Have a nice Monday night


Hi, sweethearts! I´m in school, webclass. Might have discussion on progress today, hope so! I´ve been longing for it, haha. Do you guys like the discussions? I always have, that´s actually, to be honest, something I look forward to. Like the highlight of the schoolyear.
Now I´m gonna get started with class again. This post is completely pointless. Looks good in the record though, hehe.
 Haha, looooove this pic


Aaaahh, it would be goooood to go back to sleep right now. Wouldn´t it? I´m extremely tired. And it´s not even early. And now it´s snowing for real, guys! Woke up with a hell a lot of snow outside my window, and more is on its way down :D
After school today I´m going to the city with Bee. As I already told you about a zillion times. This blog is extraordinarily repetetive. Don´t ya think?
Anyways, I came across some pics of some L.A. Gears yesternight, oh my god, gief me! Seriously. Gief me. Too bad I suppose it´s way too late to put it on my wishlist by now. Although, it is after all my birthday four days after Christmas..
I played Man in the Mirror to my fiveyearold cousin yesterday. He liikkkeeed ittt. Hope I created a little new die hard fan, would be awesome if he´d be doing the leg kick, the spin, the crotchgrab, the "hee hee"..

Now I better get ready for school. I´ll update from there. See ya guys!
(By the way, I got something in my eye. I´ve always got something in my eye. Ask my friend Molle.)

Let´s have a bomb of random pics right herrreeee

Luciabuns, hehe. I´ll never eat them.

I´ve got a tiny tree in my room! Wii

Outside my window. Too bad you can´t see the huuge snowflakes falling. Or the raindeers carrying a wagon covered in glitter bouncing through the sky..


Oohhh, I´m high on Michael right now. Well, haha, I haven´t been watching videos or anything at all actually tonight. First time since I can´t remember. I haven´t listened to his music since like an hour ago! And now I got just really.. happy. Or something. From just thinking of how wonderful Michael sounds in a song called Music's takin' over by The Jacksons. It´s soooo wonderful. He´s always sounding absolutely wonderful all the time. I just realized yesternight while sitting in the car on our way home from our cousins´, and I was listening to the song over and over and over and over again. It was sooo amazing. It was like I didn´t really realize just how wonderful his voice is until last night. Everyone should hear it. And listen closely! The song itself is absolutely perfect by the way. The only word I can find to describe it well enough would be klockren.

Haha, and guess what I did today? I was putting on lotion on my foot, and then I put it down on the bathroom floor. And I slipped of course. Haha. Must´ve looked sooo stupid. Right on my ass. There´s a huuuge bluemark on my left buttside.


Mm, chocolateballs :)..
I never learn, do I? The minute during which I don´t want chocolateballs does not exist - except the hours after I had ´em. After like two balls, I´m done. I´m ready to puke at them. And I think "never again". And yet I do it over and over again.
Went to my cousins´, we made Luciabuns and had dinner.
Right now I´m drawing on my Alice in Wonderland-drawing. I've made Alice standing with her back towards us, facing a window where her reflection is seen. You only see the outlines of the reflection, it´s sort of filled with something that´s supposed to look like a piece of galaxy - but we´ll see about that part.
I´ve also made the Queen of Hearts. I drew her as she is in Tim Burton´s movie. Helena Bonham Carter is so awesome. They made her perfectly. Only in my drawing, I failed a little with the big head-part. I only drew her bust, and the head is not well-porportioned to the bust, but it´s still not big enough for one to notice. Ah well. I want to draw the Cheshire-cat and the Mad Hatter as well, but I don´t think there´s space.
I wrote the words "Through the looking glass" in ornated letters across the drawing.

So. Effing. Awesome.
Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton´s Alice In Wonderland/Through the looking glass


Just woke up like an hour ago and had breakfast. Watched State of Play yesternight, it was pretty awesome. Rachel McAdams seems to stalk me nowadays - I definitely intend to see Sherlock Holmes. Anyone who knows when it shows?
Ah, by the way.. I went to see A christmas carol last-last night with mom, Johnny and Helene.. It was so effing awesome. Well, at the moment, we intended to see something sweet, cute and funny. Let's just say that's all it wasn´t. Well, it was funny. But it scared the hell out of me! Yeah, I might be incredibly sensitive to scary movies - I watched Scary Movie 4 five years ago and I still tremble while brushing teeth - but it was seriously that kind of movie that would actually make you piss your pants. For real. There were make-you-jump-ten-feet-up-in-the-air-scenes to the left and right constantly. The fact that I saw it in 3D didn´t make the situation any better.

Seeing as I am a Donald Duck-freak, I look at Ebenezer Scrooge as Scrooge McDuck. Ebenezer Scrooge is Scrooge McDuck dipped in a duckshaped form. I have read the story of Ebenezer Scrooge before - but not Charles Dickens´ version. It´s been told in a Donald Duck paperback. So I knew that it wouldn´t be pleasant - but I would´ve never guessed just how unpleasant it really was.
Go see it!

Ebenezer Scrooge

Scrooge McDuck



Yesterday was a very good day. Something very positive happened that I´m glad it did. Not going to tell you because it´s embarrassing, but very sweet. :)

Did you guys figure something yet? IT´S ONLY TWELVE DAYS LEFT! Half the calender is cut, we're halfways! I´m hoping for a Super Soaker or an elephant. Time´s going real fast when you don´t think about it. Well. In one way it´s less positive. I haven´t bought a single present yet! And I´ve got less than two weeks. Gotta get staaarted! I´m going to the city with Bee on Monday, as I already told you like twice, then I´ll probably be able to cut off one or two.

Today I´m going to my cousins' place to bake a lil' zum of thaaat and a lil' zum of thaaat.. Gingerbread biscuits and Lucia buns. And celebrate grandma's birthday. Oh. It´s Lucia tomorrow. No sleepy morning then. Well, I think it´s better to get up early, but to not do anything. Not get ready to get out or anything.
You guys have a fine day


I must be the most social person on planet earth. I just spent my whole night watching Michael-videos on youtube. But I looooved it, so whatever :)  By the way, Janet is such a sweetheart. I heard she´s going on a Europe-tour next year. Hope she´ll come to Sweden. I´ll probably go :)
On Monday I´m going shopping with Bee. Looking forward. Really. That sounds so ironic, but I´m not, haha.
Did you guys have a nice Friday-night?
By the way, it´s my grandma´s birthday today (Saturday).
Grattis på 66-årsdagen, mormor, och vila i frid♥
(I´ll never get used to that)

By the way #2.. You guys know what I did a couple of nights ago while sleeping? I woke up in the middle of the night. And what woke me up? Well.. I did. I was laughing my ass off while sleeping! Haha. And then I started laughing so hard at the fact that I was laughing in my sleep. Then I started laughing at how goofy I was laughing. Shit.


We watched Goebbels dagbok in Mediakunskapen today. It was very interesting. I´m very fascinated with the two world wars. Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler´s minister of propaganda. Without Goebbels, Hitler would´ve never succeeded. He would´ve remained that ugly nuthead everyone thought he was in the first place.
As we all know, it was the propaganda that the whole second world war basically was built upon. Goebbels didn´t invent propaganda. But he took it to another level. If there had been another man like Goebbels, we wouldn´t exist. That´s how important he was to Hitler.
In Goebbels dagbok, they´ve put together clips that were filmed of Goebbels and Hitler. Goebbels also kept diary, which is read during the whole movie, connected to the clips. You should see it. It´s disgusting but brilliant. (I love that sentence, it´s disgusting but brilliant. Michael says it in The Making Of Thriller when he´s checking out all the different masks the makeup-artist had made. I love the way he says it in. Maybe brilliant is the wrong word I´m looking for in this case though. Fascinating would be more like it. Disgusting but fascinating.)

// Rebbie

Joseph Goebbels


I´ve decided not to write about my grandmother´s death here. It´s good to keep something as it was, when everything else around you is changing.
I miss her so incredibly much though. I haven't understood it yet. The fact that I´ll never see her again, never hear her voice again, it´s just.. Unreal. That´s what it is. It doesn´t exist in my world.
I mean, I haven´t yet understood that Michael is gone. Before grandma, I couldn´t imagine what it would be like when someone you actually know dies. I still don´t know, because I can´t feel it. I´m numb.

I went to school yesterday though. Right after I´d seen her. It was good. It´s better than to stay home all day. It´s so depressing around here. Even though everybody´s laughing, it´s still dark. And I want to dance. Dance, that´s all I want to do right now. But I can´t, because I´d probably feel guilty doing it, and it would feel wrong. We are supposed to be sad when someone dies. Of course I am. But I try not to get wrapped in sorrow. If we do let ourselves get wrapped in sorrow, everything will go to hell.
I won´t goof around and pretend it´s raining. I´ll be thinking of grandma all the time. But the people dying wouldn´t want to leave the world all sad and miserable. What a world that would be. One full of suicides.

Have a nice day, peeps. Don´t worry, be happy♥


My dear, dear, dear, beloved grandmother died tonight. There you have the reason why this blog hasn't been updated. I don't feel like it's the most important in the world right now. I will update though, think it could be good for me.
Have a nice evening <3


This is so sweet and funny. I got it from CLIP, bless her heart, she seems like a really good person. Michael calls a radio station completely randomly, which he's never done before, and talks with the host. Then, at around 3:45, he bursts into laughter. It's so sweet, my mouth hurts from having smiled like the Cheshire-cat for ten minutes.


Warning; completely pointless post following.
Why does the pasta always tend to take twice as much time when I cook it? It´s darn annoying. I´m hungry.
Anyways, I thought of something extremely unneccessary. It´s actually so unneccessary, I´m considering whether or not I really should publish this.
Why do you guys do your homework? Is it because you want good grades? In my case, it´s partly because I want good grades - and partly because I do not want to disappoint my teachers. Even though I know they don´t care. Teachers are some good actors, unconciously - they always, when you haven´t done your homework or you didn´t do well on a test, they always look disappointed. Always. In some cases, they care, for sure. Like my math teacher I had in high school, or the teacher I have in Mediakunskap now. They really care. But other teachers, who don´t care. ´Cause they don´t care whether you do your homework or not - it´s your grades, not theirs. They´re only there to make a living. To try to help others on the way to eventually make their own living. But the rest is up to us, the students. Teachers like my old mathteacher or my Mediakunskapteacher, they make sure we make it through. They put their hearts into it. Be grateful.
They look disappointed to make you feel guilty. And it works everytime on me. Even though I know very well they´re only pretending, it works. And I do my homework perfectly for next time.

Completely pointless post. But see, I did publish it after all.

a stranger could be my friend

Ahhh, I hate my job. I don´t wish I didn´t have it, though! Then I would just get rid of it, wouldn´t I? It gets me money, and I´m glad.
I just finished it. For those of you who don´t know what I do; I deliver the paper. To 269 mailboxes. Once a week. It wouldn´t be such a big thing if I had all week to do it - but I don´t. I only have Monday. (This week I had to do it on Tuesday because I just couldn´t stand the thought of it yesterday.) Supereffingwonderful. It usually takes more than one hour and eleven minutes - which it did today - so I usually spend my whole Monday first in school, then out touching those horrible papers. I am so sick of papers. I´ll throw up if I have to touch another paper. The ink. Oh my god. Horrible thought. I´ll have nightmares tonight.

Anyways. That was not so interesting. (Not many things are going to be in this blog, I´m afraid.) I´ve got lots to do for school tonight, as I already told you, so I´m gonna get started with that. I´m gonna watch a movie for Mediakunskapen, State of Play, do my own TV-programme for Mediakunskapen and draw for artclass. We´ll see how the TV-programme-thing turns out. I´ll do most of it today. Won´t have much time tomorrow, seeing as I´m going to see New Moon with Johnny and Cassie. I got all the time in the world on Thursday though. Studyday. Yippie ki-yay.
You have a nice evening and I´ll make the best out of the situation

it ain't too much to jam

Sitting at Webbclass right now. We're supposed to create a blog, so I thought it would be okay to update mine.
There are probably going to be a lot of pictures of Michael and Diana Ross for a while now. Hope you don't mind. After all, why would you, they're so beautiful ;)

please, mr postman

Going to school now. Put the alarm on 7.15 - woke up at nine. Effing awesome. I need to work on the getting-up thing. 'Cause this ain't holding up.
Now, today I got lots to do. Will probably not be any blogging until tonight. So, I'll see you guys then!
Have a nice day :)

Now I was going to be put the sweetest clip I've ever seen here, but it's been inactivated on request, so I'll just give you the link to it. Watch it! I promise the corners of your mouth will be up in your ears by the end of it :D


you can't take my blues away

I just thought of something. Saying something positive about another person cannot be accepted seriously no more. Well, with some people, of course. But not with most. Maybe I'm just surrounded by idiots, but I don't think I am.
I noticed that I can hardly ever say something positive about a guy without having someone around me saying "aaahh, you're crushing on hiiim!". I can't say something positive about a girl without having someone saying "you're such an asslicker!". Where did nice go?

Favorite track of the day; 
The Jacksons - Keep on dancin'

you're the best thing I never had

I shit on the paper round today, 'cause I seriously don't wanna. Haha. It's okay to do that sometimes. My problem is that I do it every week. I figured I got a hell of a load of stuff t odo for school - for real this time. Well, it's really only three things, but that is three pretty big things.
Standing here cooking, bakin, listening to Diana Ross. Trying to cook while having someone extremely pretty distracting you meanwhile, is not the easiest. When someone looking like the man in the picture is on a three meters distance away - frying egg is an effing art project.
Love don't come easy, it's a game of give and take

positive distraction

If you need me, call me. No matter where you are, no matter how far. Just call my name. I'll be there in a hurry. On that you can depend and never worry.
You see, my love is alive It's like a seed that only needs the thought of you to grow. So if you feel the need for company, please, my darling, let it be me. I may not be able to express the depth of the love I feel for you, but a writer put it very nicely when he was away from the one he loved. He said down and wrote these words:
No wind, no rain,
Nor winter's cold
Can stop me, baby
If you're my goal
No wind, no rain,
Can stop me, babe
If you wanna go
I know, I know you must follow the sun
Wherever it leads
But remember
If you should fall short of your desires
Remember life holds for you one guarantee
You'll always have me
And if you should miss my love
One of these old days
If you should ever miss the arms
That used to hold you so close, or the lips
That used to touch you so tenderly
Just remember what I told you
The day I set you free
Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wild enough
To keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wild enough
To keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high enough
Nothing can keep me
To keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wild enough
To keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high enough
Nothing can keep me
To keep me from you

Diana Ross presents The Jackson 5

Diana Ross & The Supremes - Keep me hangin' on (Set me free)


Mikey and Diana Ross


caught in a..

Oj, shit. Vart lite frånvarande. Jaja, whatever. Ni överlever, alla mina elva läsare :D  Snart har jag hela världen lindad runt mitt lillfinger.. Right?
Va och besökte mormor på sjukhuset idag. Ska till badmintonen ikväll. Har verkligen inget intressant att säga. Som vanligt då.
Köpte en MJ-tavla idag på Brisak, wii. Gladgladglad.
Igår tog dansen slut. Fasickeeen! 48 dagar (<--nästan en månad!!) kvar till nästa klass. Julen blir inge rolig om jag inte kan dansa :(  Jag får göra den rolig helt enkelt. Koreografin igår var iallafall sjukt kul, creds till el dansteacher numero uno (Y)
Roma ro-ma ma. Love.

rebbie; the hippie motherfucker.

Me and sister are gonna watch Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince now (god, do I love that movie!) and pop some popcorn. Wääääy. Now you guys know what you're up to tonight? Watch V for Vendetta! Damnit! It's sooo good. When Maurits told us we're gonna see V for Vendetta, I was like "nooooo, please, I've had enough of weird action-movies". Haha, obviously I had no idea what the movie was about, I had only seen the cover. But I don't think I was the only one sharing this prejudice - so watch it, it's like nothing you've ever seen before. It's not at all what you think it is (unless, of course, if your prejudice was that it was one of the most awesome movies ever) (then you're absolutely right).


(I have no idea what the hell just happened to the text, but can't find a way to make it go away, so.. live with it!)

executive producer: Michael Curtis

Just got home from the city, and I'm a bit over-excited :D  I'm a member on statist.se, but not completely because I haven't paid yet (hehe, don't you go tell the coppers now, 'kay?). But Malin told me about a job there, I'm gonna look it up a bit closer when my membership is fixed, but goooood I'm excited.. !!!! You're supposed to be a zombie, I don't know whether it's a movie or a music video or whatever, but.. A ZOMBIE!!!! I looove the zombies in the Thriller-video and the Ghosts-video (yeah, theyr'e ghosts, obviously, but they look exactly the same so whatever). Aaaaaahhh!

By the way, we watched "V for Vendetta" today at Mediakunskapen. You guys seen it? It was GREAT! I was just a little annoyed because of the typical, over-dramatical ending and because of his voice.. It was so obviously supposed to sound mysterical, but he definitely over-did it. Having it dubbed didn't make it better (seeing as he was wearing a mask, they had to add the voice on-the-top so you'd hear something). Apart from those two really small things, the movie was azum! Everyone should see it.

V for Vendetta

Thriller Zombies

somebody shakes when the wind blows

In school waiting for break to end. Had the danceclass of my life yesternight, it was awesome! :D Well. Maybe not of my life, I'll make sure there'll be even better ones. But ride home was fun, hehe.
I didn't do a thing for Mediakunskapen that was due today, and I told Amanda.. She thinks I should tell the teacher this wonderful, brilliant excuse; "My mom got run over by a bird". And dammit, I will! We'll just see if I manage to hold my (non-existing) pokerface :D

We watched Hannah Montana yesterday at English class. Haha. I laughed. A lot. Mainly because it was so goddarn stupid. One part was hilarious though, gotta confess to that.
After school I'm going to the city with Bee to look for christmaspresents. I wanna see This Is It again! Shit. Got the biggest craving of my life when I stepped out of Spanish class this morning, and someone had popped popcorn. I wanna see This Is It on the biggest screen ever (if possible on one of those screens that cover the roof and the walls.. Imagine to have Michael in front of you, above you, to your sides and behind you. Haha! What a lovely feeling).

Lovvvveeee /  Rebbissss

I shaved yo mama

HAHAHAH, this is killing me! This is the funniest shit I've ever seen.

'cause I can scare you more than any ghost would ever dare try

Working on the Thriller-dance, oh man, this is it! This is really what I want to do with my life, I wanna learn Michael-dances all life long, never stop.. Well, I won't stop 'til I get enough and I won't ever get enough so I'll never stop :D  I'm in ecstasyyyyyy :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Haha, shit. I'm loooving it.
Gonna take a shower and jump into bed quickly as hell, gotta get some sleep, think my lack of sleep might be the reason to all that retarded headache.
Oh, and by the way.. I love Scrubs, soooo funny (most of the time) :D
Can't wait 'til tomorrow, more Michael! Weehoo. PLUS (big plus, why the capital letters), I got danceclass tomorrow! I'm so excited to show all the parents and kids what we do. I'd like the group to present the dance as well but we're not gonna, gonna have to wait 'til springshow for that. Right after school I'm going home to work on the Thriller-dance 'til danceclass, after danceclass gonna go home and dance some more :D

Sleep tight, Michael♥
"Hee hee"

I actually have a nice ass.. it's firm, like a muffin..

I went in to blogg.se, and who did I see flying around in the header if not Michael himself? Of course I had to check what the thing was about. I found dish cloths with Michael on them for sale. You know what you'll found on my list for Santa! Not that it would ever come to use (well, not 'til I get my own place at least).. But I couldn't use it for such disgusting things. I'd nail it up on my wall if I ever got one.
Trying to cook here.. Well, shouldn't really call it cook. I'm boiling rice. You're supposed to wait 'til the water's gone, right? 'Cause I've been waiting and waiting and waiting.. Now it's almost gone, but the rice has become some fluid, white, greasy mud.. Haha. I suck at this. I'm surprised I passed home economics.
Now I'm gonna watch TV, for the first time since I died in my last life.. (yes, I'd like to believe in reincarnation, don't know if I do.)

Found a real nice blog (for both MJ-fans and "normal" people): CLIP

Have a nice evening :)

Picture taken from CLIP

the man sweats when he exercises

"Why not just tell people I´m an alien from Mars. Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight. They´ll believe anything you say, because you are a reporter.
But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say; "I´m an alien from Mars and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight" people would say; "Oh man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He´s cracked up. You can´t believe a damn word that comes out of his mouth."

"Yeah, Wacko Jacko, where did that come from?
Some English tabloid. I have a heart and I have feelings. I feel that when you do that to me. It's not nice."


just touch me baby and i'm in ecstasy

Just got home from school, paper round, the store.. Had a nice day, nice classes with just the class, got home, did the rest of the paper round, headed to the store and got Ben&Jerry's and stamps. :D  Skipping badminton tonight because of headache.. I've been having a lot of headache lately. Though it seems as if it's going to sleep again now, because it's been less these last few days.

Funny thing said at the badminton-camp this year;
Annika is trying to wake big-boss Ola up (coach)
Ola wakes up, opens his eyes, looks at Annika and says "Think I'm gonna take a powernap" and goes back to sleep. Hahaha, how I laughed. How I'm still laughing. How I'm laughing right now.

skostorlek: Paris Hilton



When I failed to carry Johnny on my back. Summer '09.


Just got home from Johnny's. Ate his cake, opened his presents. It was nice. Met his family on his father's side. His sister, Cassandra, Johnny and I decided to go see New Moon sometime soon. Looking forward!
Sitting here listening to an amazing playlist.. Consisting of two songs, hehe. MJ of course.
Today was nice. Started school at 14.45, quit at six. As you already know. I realized just now I'm very repetetive. Oh well. Wouldn't want you guys to miss anything such as important as that ;)
Tomorrow's school's gonna be great. It's just gonna be the class, which is good. I like most of the people. They seem really great, even if I only really know one so far, hehe.
Gonna take a shower, watch some Skavlan, listen to some Michael, look at some Michael.. The usual stuff.
Wish you could have twentyfour pieces of chocolate every day instead of just one. Just caught myself trying to open number two without even noticing.


Ran out with the paper for like ten minutes before. It usually takes around two-three hours. So we can guess I didn't come that far. Well. I'll fix that later.
Now it's forty minutes left 'til I'm supposed to put my ass on a seat in a bus. We'll see about that. I never manage to get there in time.
As I told you before, I'm going to Johnny's right after school to eat his cake and open his presents. Gonna bring my drawing as well so I can do some of it there. Only got 'til Friday, as if you read that contribution you're already aware of.
I see why nobody wants to read this blog.
But why do I care.. That's not why I run it.
Now I gotta go. Don't know what I wanted with this. Too bad you already wasted your time reading it.

(Maybe it was an excuse to put in some pretty pics:)


I'm a freak bitch baby

Damn it! Now this day is ruined. (No, it isn't, stay positive, Rebbie. Remember it's what you make it.) I was planning on doing the paper round before eleven.. Guess when I woke up? 11.01!! I've got a plan, though. For mornings when I'm supposed to get up and go to school (not the most tempting, huh). If I, as soon as the alarm clock wakes me up, I'm gonna grab my cell and headphones quickly as hell, and put on some noisy song like "Girls just wanna have fun".. Eeew. Especially eeeew now because mom ruined my headphones so I'm using hers now, and her headphones are for some really stupid reason more isolated. Since I always put it on the highest volume possible, I did the same yesterday and two seconds into Dirty Diana all I heard was a really annoying "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" and then nothing. For real. Then a few seconds later it all came back. Shit. Never heard anything that loud before.
I believe that's enough for me to get my ass out of my warm, soft, beloved bed.
I thought. Well. It'll probably work. If you get to that stage in the first place. I tried it this morning. You see, I'm so used to turning off the alarm that I do it in my sleep. No matter how high the volume is, or how noisy the song is, I don't wake up. I turn it off while still sleeping. So I tried to put the cell in the other side of the room. I even got up and turned off the alarm while sleeping. So I tried to put it in my bag in another room, wrapped in clothes, and put loads of books over it. Guess what? When I woke up in the morning, I was holding the fucking cell in my hand. Not remembering getting up at all.

So we'll see if it'll work.

By the way.. It's okay to doubt. I've been in one of those loopholes before. When Michael died, it was crazy how sad I was and how much I listened to him. One second didn't pass without me having my headphones plugged in or at least a little in the background if I was having company or something.
I did this for a few months. Like two. Then I almost completely stopped listening to him. Well, I listened to him like each day.. But only for like half an hour or so. I don't believe in god. But since Michael's dead, I like to believe there's at least a life after this, so I always say "Goodmorning, Michael" and "Goodnight, Michael" when I wake up and when I go to bed. Call me a nuthead. Call me stupid. Call me retarded, call me naiv, ignorant, whatever the hell you like. I won't stop. And I didn't when I didn't listen to him. I kept talking to him. I never stopped loving him, he'll always be my idol, always, no matter what. Then a few weeks later, I started listening to him again. All the time. Again, not one second passed without me hearing Michael's voice blasting from somewhere. And that has hold on. And it'll never stop again. I wouldn't be surprised to hear others who have had the same experience/experiencing the loophole right now. It'll come to an end, so don't feel guilty.

One question; is Fredrik Ericsson still reading my blog?

I just gotta tell you about a really weird thing I experienced last night; I was lying in my bed, all lights out, listening to "Blood on the dance floor". I've listened to that song sooooo many times, you have no idea. I know the song perfectly. But last night.. it was beyond knowing every word, every drum beat, the bassline, where the background singers come in and what they sing and in what key, to know exactly where Michael's voice gets a little scratchy and where it doesn't.
It was sooo weird. I can't explain it. I just knew the song like.. on another stage. Haha. Shit, I really sound like a freak, especially with that loophole-text too.
I'm just gonna quit trying to make someone understand because it won't happen.

Have a real nice day  / Rebbie

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