The Last BouncE

Me and my friend Felizia went to see The Last BouncE today! And oh my god, bloggies.. All I can say is that that show changed my life. Completely.

I feel sorry for all of those who didn't see it.

Four Tres Two Uno

Hellooooo there! Thought I'd kick some life into this heap of crap!

I just made the awesomest freakinglicious playlist on Spotify. Ya'll GOTTA check it out!
Für Elise

And if ya'll check it out, you'll find some of that ttttt-ASTEY Alexander Rybak on there. Remember that pretty boy fiddler who won Eurovision last year with Fairytale? Yeah, well.. I didn't like him at first. And then a week ago, he was on Så ska det låta (Swedish version of Norwegian Bit for bit, tone for tone). And he played and sang this Swedish song called "Visa vid vindens ängar".. Have I ever heard anything so beautiful in my life?

Well. He got me. He got me good. He got me so good I'm now considering whether or not to get a violin.

Fight for this Love

I spent my time just thinking about you every single day, yes, I'm really missing you. And all those things we used to do. It used to be just me and you. Boy, I travel around the world and even sail the seven seas. Just tell me where you want to meet, I navigate myself to where you be. 'Cause boy, I want you right now. I travel uptown, I travel downtown. I wanna have you around every single day. I love you always. Let's walk the bridge, to the other side. Just you and I. I will fly the skies for you and I. I will try until I die for you and I. Meet me halfway, right at the borderline is where I'm gonna wait for you. I'll be looking out, night and day. Took my heart to the limit, and this is where I'll stay. I can't go any further than this. I want you so bad, it's my only wish.

there´s nothing else i can say

Hi! Decided to wake this thing to life again. Suppose I could do some good with it :)
Just because of that, I have absolutely no idea what to write right now.

Justice for Michael! Court´s right now, Randy´s tweeting from it. Saying they say there´s nothing the court can do. This ain´t going too well.

I braided my hair today. Started at eight this morning, got done about ten minutes ago and it´s 11.30 pm. Just grrrreat. Thing is.. I´m taking them out tomorrow morning, before we´re off to the airport. Kind of feel like it´s not worth it.

Going to London tomorrow (superexcited, I might get to make out with Michael Waxon), coming home on Friday, so I´ll tell ya´ll about it then and I´ll show ya´ll some pics..
See ya :)

Always right there with ya, baby..

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