there´s nothing else i can say

Hi! Decided to wake this thing to life again. Suppose I could do some good with it :)
Just because of that, I have absolutely no idea what to write right now.

Justice for Michael! Court´s right now, Randy´s tweeting from it. Saying they say there´s nothing the court can do. This ain´t going too well.

I braided my hair today. Started at eight this morning, got done about ten minutes ago and it´s 11.30 pm. Just grrrreat. Thing is.. I´m taking them out tomorrow morning, before we´re off to the airport. Kind of feel like it´s not worth it.

Going to London tomorrow (superexcited, I might get to make out with Michael Waxon), coming home on Friday, so I´ll tell ya´ll about it then and I´ll show ya´ll some pics..
See ya :)

Always right there with ya, baby..

Postat av: Jilina

Less på denna skit nu. Murray ska åka dit för mord, and thats it!

Varför kan inte bara karln erkänna vad han gjort.

Sen så får man ju höra olika versioner från den idioten också har jag lagt märke till.

2010-04-09 @ 00:18:41

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