ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is

Idag var så jäkla bra dag! Shit! Var på Streetstar med Isa. För er som inte vet vad Streetstar är;
Streetstar är en jättestor danstävling dit några av världens bästa dansare (jag känner tre av dem! Hihihihi) kommer och battlar i locking, popping, hiphop och house (har jag missat nåt?). Kända artister kommer och uppträder, och är hosts för hela grejen. Ikväll är det Slick Dogg & Tempo som var hosts tillsammans med två andra (den ena är skitsnygg, yes). Åååh, vad nice det var! Sånt jäkla drag. Det var igår också, men då skippade jag det för att det är rätt dyrt (200 kr i inträde) och det var break igår, inte riktigt min stil, så det hade nog inte vart värt det. De öppnade egentligen klockan tolv imorse, och håller på till ett inatt. Hade helst vart där tills de slängde ut mig, men Isas bussar går så jäkla cp så vi var tvungna att dra redan vid åtta.

Now, I´m gonna be up ´til 5.30 tonight.. Gonna be dead tomorrow. Which is an understatement. Gonna be watching the Grammy. Anyone else?
Watching The Osbournes right now. It´s sooo crazy. It´s crazy because they´re so normal. Well.. they´re not the typical Christian family. They´re not. But what family is? I gotta tell ya, my family is at least as crazy as the Osbournes. Sharon´s adorable.

who´s that in that nasty car? nasty boys!

Something very strange happened like thirty minutes ago. I was watching Janet Jackson´s interview (the one where she´s talking about Michael, it was very sad, I cried a lot. Can´t watch more than part one), and all of a sudden blood just came flooding out of my mouth. It didn´t stop for quite a while, and I used up three rolles of toilet paper. That is so not normal.

Today sucked, it´s always the same after danceclass on Saturdays. I love being there, it´s my resort, you know. My escape. But afterwards.. I just get so depressed. I don´t know why.

I had a very sucky feeling all day because of this thing. Gonna try to dance it off. Going to play blackminton tonight. (Badminton in complete darkness and all you see is the rackets and the ball that are glowing.)

HEY! who´s that thinkin´ nasty thoughts? nasty boys!

The new Wonderland Magazine cover with Janet Jackson has been revealed. I love it!
February/March issue. On sale February 5th.

people of the world today, are we looking for a better way of life

The Daily Love: Don´t let others´ opinions become your reality.

This is my mother (the little one) with my grandmother and a guy named Arly who is our relative, I don´t know how though

P is for please, please don´t go

Sitting here looking for acting jobs listening to Mike.. What in the world wouldn´t I give to have a voice like his? At least I´d like to be a singer. I´ve been practising singing since I was a little turkey. Personally I really don´t think I can sing, but I´ll leave that to others (since you can´t really hear yourself unless you record it, which I haven´t). I don´t think that´d help anyways though, since I´m a perfectionist and I´ll probably never be satisfied with my voice.
I got sooo much to do in school right now, but I´m so narrowed right now dancing and singing and looking for acting jobs. I won´t let myself fail in any subject though.
First danceclass of the year starts today! Street. I´m looking forward, I need some new routines! The only routines I´m doing right now over and over again is the first minute of Rhythm Nation (since there´s a place where I can´t get any further because I´m a horrible choreographer), the two choreos we were doing in danceclass last year, and all the Michael Jackson choreos.. yeah. I defo need some new routines.

And no, I still can´t believe Genevieve Jackson is following me.


let me soothe.. (<---hothothot)

Just wanted to tell ya´ll that Genevieve Jackson (Michael Jackson´s niece) is still following me on twitter!

And I still can´t believe it!

My twitter


Break of Dawn

Hold my hand, feel the touch of your body cling to mine. You and me, makin´ love all the way through another night. I remember you and I walking through the park at night. Kiss and touch, nothing much, let it blow just touch and go. Love me more, never leave me alone by house of love. People talk, people say what we have is just a game. Oh, I´ll never let you go, come here boy. Just got to make sweet love ´til the break of dawn. I don´t want the sun to shine, I wanna make love. Just this magic in your eyes and in my heart. I don´t know what I´m gonna do, I can´t stop lovin´ you. I won´t stop ´til the break of dawn, makin´ love. Hold my hand, feel the sweat, yes you´ve got me nervous yet. Let me groove, let me soothe, let me take you on a cruise. There´s imagination I bet you´ve never been there before. Have you ever wanted to dream about those places you´ve never know. Break of dawn, there´s no sun up in the sky. Break of dawn, I can see it in your eyes. Break of dawn, boy you got to understand. It´s the way that I love you, let me show you I´m your girl, break of dawn. Let´s not wait, the sun is out, let´s get up and let´s get out. It´s the day, a brand new day, let´s both go outside and play. Let us walk down the park, makin´ love ´til it´s dark. Let me move, let me soothe, ´til the break of dawn and you know it´s true, oh..

should´ve never ever made you cry


GENEVIEVE JACKSON (Michael & Janet Jackson´s niece for those of you who didn´t know, Randy´s daughter) IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER. DON´T ASK ME WHY BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHY, BUT SHE´S DEFINITELY THERE.

seven months

Seven months it´s been.
I remember very clearly that on the 26th of June, I was watching BBC. There was a man, who said "it´s been a day, and people are still shocked". What does he think? I am still shocked. And it´s been well over a day. How could he possibly think people would mend after a day? A day is nothing.

Like a comet, blazing ´cross the evening sky. Gone too soon. Like a rainbow, fading in the twinkling of an eye. Gone too soon. Shiny and sparkly, and splendidly bright. Here one day, gone one night. Like the loss of sunlight, on a cloudy afternoon. Gone too soon. Like a castle, built upon a sandy beach. Gone too soon. Like a perfect flower, that is just beyond your reach. Gone too soon. Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight. Here one day, gone one night. Like a sunset, dying with the rising of the moon. Gone too soon. Gone too soon.
I love and miss you beyond words. I love you more.

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The Daily Love: Love has no reasons, and when you love somebody that's reason enough. Let your heart win!

if you´re blue and you don´t know where to go to

I´ve given up. After had almost a whole day of fighting with my inner self, looking deep into myself to find even the slightest bit of discipline, I couldn´t drive it out. I am making chocolate balls.
The problem is that I feel so darn sick after two balls. I never learn.

This day just sucked. I´ve been inside all day, and I can´t do that. I feel so bad if I´ve been inside my house an entire day. I need air! I need to do something productive, or I´ll feel so bad. I´m glad danceclass starts on Thursday, it´ll be real good.

I know it has no point whatsoever, but I hardly got an account thinking it´ll change the world. Ask me questions, I love answering questions, haha, don´t ask me why. (If you´d be so kind, keep it in English, please!)

This is why I need to go to space

This is why I´m not only existing, but living

come let´s mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks or umbrellas

formspring  <--- Ask me anything :)

spending every dime for a wonderful time

The Daily Love: Seriously, dance like no one is looking! Shut up and kiss them.

I just wanted to show you guys the braids I´ll be getting when I go to Thailand later this year :)  And I figured I´ll be having these braids exactly - well, yes, obviously, I´ll have my own hair, but it will be this length and color and everything. Pretty awesome. ´Cause this is the length of my hair if it gets completely straightened, which it will when it´s braided. So..

The Daily Love

Open your eyes, greet the new day with a grin, cuz it's right now that your life truly begins!

Do you have songs that you feel like you´re home listening to? I can´t really explain the feeling. It´s not nostalgia, something else.. I have a shitload of those. All Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 (that only makes sense). One of those songs is Michael´s Girlfriend.
I give you.. Girlfriend!

Girlfriend, I´m gonna tell your boyfriend
Tell him exactly what we´re doing
Tell him what you do to me
Late at night when the wind is free
Girlfriend, I´m gonna show your boyfriend
Show him the letters I´ve been saving
Show him how you feel inside
And that love cannot be denied
We´re gonna have to tell him
You´ll only be a girlfriend of mine
Girlfriend, you better tell your boyfriend
Tell him exactly what we´re doing
Tell him what he needs to know
Or he may never let you go
We´re gonna have to tell him
You´ll only be a girlfriend of mine

strum me like a guitar blow out like an amplifyer

My mother told me tonight she´s actually considering sending me to my relatives in Canada for half a high school year.

I don´t know what to say.

We´ll see about that. I want to, but it might not work out. If it does.. I am soooo excited!!

it´s all for you

Goodnight blogworld :)

who IS that boy over there?!

I think his name is Michael..

(I just had to post it again because, well, ya know.. it sort of sums up my day. And I want it to be the first thing people look at when they enter my blog. ´Cause it´ll make them happy (and horny) and they won´t write mean stuff. Perfect systemation.)




life ain´t so bad at all, if you live it off the wall


Weekend´s over, and I got a Spanish test tomorrow. I don´t know Spanish. Lovely.
Another lovely thing:

let love take us through the hours..

I love this girl! I haven´t ever met her, I don´t know her, but I love her! Partly because she´s a fan of Michael and she seems like a wonderful person.. and she told me that I give her a feeling of Janet.



How can you not love her?

And how can you not love this young fella right here? Look how SEDUCTIVE he is.. And how can you not love the Don´t stop ´til you get enough lyrics? Especially him singing them..

every 100k = $300 for Haiti

This guy donates $300 to Haiti for every a hundredthousand view. So WATCH and SPREAD THE WORD. I´ve done as much as I can by posting it here, on my facebook, on my twitter, tagging Jodi Gomes, the Jackson brothers and Austin Brown in my updates so they can retweet to their thousands of fans, posting it on my youtube.. Your turn!

the fly!

Here it is! The picture where Mikey´s fly´s open!

The picture doesn´t look like this in the Off The Wall book, the arrows are just me guiding you to the magic spot..

Is the fly open or are my eyes lying? I´m making such a big deal out of it because it´s in the Off The Wall book, and, well, ya know.. Michael´s fly´s open!! <----


´cause your love is alright! alright!

Oh my god, I´m in a state of shock! My mom lets me play Michael Jackson on the stereo past her bed time! OHMYGOD! It´s never happened before, never, I tell you! It´s almost worth celebrating. The volume isn´t the highest, I give you that, but my door isn´t closed or anything. As I said, I´m shocked.

Okay, fun time´s over. She just told me to cut it out.

I´m going to Thailand next winter, and I´m going to get those afro-braids. I just found a picture of Janet with that. The difference would be that the part of her hair that´s not braided, I´m getting braided. Because it would look INSANE if it wasn´t. My afro would just.. Yeah. Just imagine. Slick, tight hair on the top of my head and then BOOM where the fro comes out. Not so pretty, no.

Question; How come so many people read my blog? And how come only one answered my Jackson-brothers question? Tss, tss.

keep on with the force, don´t stop, don´t stop ´til you get enough

Oohhhhhh, how goooooood can a man beeee! Seriouslyyyy. Off The Wall is an effing masterpiece. Keep on with the force, don´t stop, don´t stop ´til you get enough.. I am soooo in love with this album! It´s as perfect as can be.

I just discovered Michael´s fly´s open in a picture from the Off The Wall pictures that are in the album.. ?? Is that supposed to be? Here it is, taken with my crappy webcam:

No, you´re not gonna see it here. Because is screwed up. Certain things, like the picture uploading thingy is completely gone. Lovely.

I just heard the Off The Wall version of Workin´ day and night.. I hadn´t before. It´s different in the beginning. This song is so HOT! The entire album is. That breathing/hiccups-thingy he does in the beginning, I hadn´t heard that one before. And then that looong breath he takes right after the chorus.. :)

Hi, I love Michael Jackson.

Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jerm, La Toya, Mar Mar, Mike, Randy, Jan

I am so pissed at because I have this sooo awesome picture of Katherine, Michael and La Toya (it´s my favorite picture of all time right now) and they won´t let me upload it!

Marlon, Jackie, Mike 

as jacked as it sounds, the whole system sucks, damnit

Guess what just made it to my mailbox? My records!!
I got Can You Feel It (Jacksons collection) and Off The Wall. I had ordered Moonwalker as well but they´d ran out of it, so I´ll get it as soon as they get it. I am sooo happy :D 
Oh, and I bought a Michael-painting yesterday as well!

I still wanna know your Jackson 5 list. The one you think is the cutest goes number one, and the "ugliest" (none of them ought to be called that, ´cause none of them is ugly in any way. I´m not just saying that because I´m a fan) goes right at the bottom.
Here´s my list;

1. Michael
2. Jackie
3. Jermaine
4. Marlon
5. Randy
6. Tito

I´d also like to know what Michael, Janet and Jackson 5 albums you got (or maybe you got one of the other siblings? Maybe 3T? Genevieve Jackson, perhaps?). I got none of Janet´s, I´m afraid.. I only got Can You Feel It of the Jacksons´, and then of Michael´s I got Bad, Thriller, Dangerous, Thriller 25th Anniversary, Number Ones and Off The Wall.

Someday I´ll shoot all the MJ-stuff I got. I think it´s fun to see what other people have.
Here are the paintings of Mike that I got:

This one is, as you can see, from the Essential Michael Jackson-album, and it´s hugenormous (really big in Rebbie-language).

This one is the same size as the above, that is, hugenormous.

As you can see from my beautiful finger, this painting is not the same size as the previous ones. In fact, it´s real tiny. But ya know, Mike´s in it, so I´m complaining.

This is the one I got yesterday. A little bigger than the one above. Note how I precisely shot it so that it looks like he´s standing on the edge of the photo. I´m a pro.

light skin, dark skin, my Asian persuasion.

There has been a major earthquake in Haiti, and there are serious damages. If my memory serves me right, it scored 7.5 on the Richterscale, which is a LOT. Send your prayers to the victims, and please do as much you can to help them.

By texting Yele to 501501 you can donate 5 dollars to the victims over in Haiti. They really need our HELP! //Austin Brown

we are a part of the rhythm nation

How would you rank the Jackson brothers in order of cuteness? This is what my list looks like;

1. Michael (obviously)
2. Jackie
3. Jermaine
4. Marlon
5. Randy
6. Tito

ms. Jackson if ya nasty

I am laughing my ass off! I´m watching Janet Jackson on Tyra Banks´ Show for like the fiftieth (what a complicated word) time. They are soooo hilarious together! Tyra Banks has got to be the most hilarious woman ever.
I got Tyra on my mind, by the way. It´s crazy. I can´t get her out of my head! I hear her voice all the time, like she´s my dead wife or something, and she´s come to haunt me! Like when I read the comments I´d gotten, I heard Tyra´s voice reading them! This is getting spookeeyyy.

And guess what? My mother´s cousin, Maria, one of my relatives in Canada, just told me she went to see The Jacksons during the Victory-tour. I. Am. Speechless. (Like always. I know I´m OD-ing that word.) TWO of my relatives have seen Michael Jackson live! Just how unfair is that on a scale one-to-ten?! IT´S OFF THE DAMN CHARTS!!

Janet & Tyra

In this picture, you can see what Janet´s hair looks like (wazzup, Captain Obvious). I just got the loveliest comment from lovely Diana Ross-looking Nora. She said my hair looks kinda like Janet´s on this show. I´ve never gotten such a lovely comment. This is my dream hair, and it is pretty close to my real hair.. It´s really just the color that´s a lil different. I´m high on that comment.

forever came today

Nobody seems to wanna answer the question I asked in my last post (bitches..). So I´ll just go ahead and dedicate the song "Forever came today" to Michael instead.
By the way, I love the Jacksons´ Variety Show version of this song, and Marlon´s "it came today, forever came today". It´s great, and his face looks hilarious while singing it. 

HAHA! Peeps, I just realized the text´s form looks kinda like a person wearing a dress, carrying a bowl or something on top of her head. See?

There you are, standing there reaching out for me
Something warm in your eyes touched my heart
And all the love I never knew I found in you
Suddenly, my world, my life was standing still
And you touched my hand I knew that we had laid a plain
Foreverlasting love
I´m forever dreaming of
At last, at last
My forever came today
When you walked into my life
Made my lonely life a paradise
It came today, forever came today
Look into my eyes and see how much I want you
Feel my touch, you know how much I need you
I may be young, but I´m old enough to know
Look at me, I will never let it go
Let this moment thrill me a lifetime
Make it last, make it last
Make it last forever
Darling, ooh, my darling, make me yours
As I touch your face, tell me love has led me
To this place and your warm embrace
Thanks to you, thanks to you my search has ended
And I want the world to see how gently love has shined on me
With everlasting love that I´ve been forever dreaming of
At last, at last
My forever came today
When you walked into my life
Made my lonely life a paradise
It came today, forever came today
It came today, forever came today
Oh, you give me love by the hour
Oh, you´re my precious little flower
Boy, you give me so much sweetness
Oh, you give my life completeness
Make it last for more than just a day
Make it last for more than just an hour
Make it last forever

oh, huh, slipped again, huh? I´ll go for once a day, but twice a day, you´re pushy!

What are your favorite Jackson 5 songs? I´d really like to know. Mine are probably Can You Feel It, I´ll Be There, Dancing Machine, Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground), Music´s Takin´ Over, Who´s Lovin´ You, Forever Came Today and I could go on forever..

Rebbie Bohlin presents the Fredrik Ericsson

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.. my awesome friend, Fredrik Ericsson! Here he does the Smooth Criminal, which he´ll be performing in a show. He´s also done Billie Jean, and I tell ya´ll again; he´s real awesome, I´m tellin´ ya! Give him a hand, how about it!

goodness has nothing to do with it

Right now I´m watching Funniest Pets and People. That´s how boring life is right now.

Ahahahahahahahahahahhahahha.. peeps. A friend of mine, Sabrina, keeps adding me in pictures of Michael on facebook. She adds me in them like seven times a day. The latest pic she added me in.. well. It made my week. I laughed sooo hard when I saw it. She tagged only me in it, and named the pic "To Rebbie <3 Are you ashamed?". That was the funniest shit ever. Call me boring. I have no idea why she dedicated the picture to me of all people. Hahahaha. HHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is killing me. What are people gonna think when they´re watching pictures of me?

Here´s the pic, peeps. Guess where she tagged me, ahahahahhahahahahahhhahaha.

No, I didn´t untag myself.

Excuse me for my terrible sense of humor.

you know I´ll be there

I hate it when people are being afraid of fantazising. Like when people ask me if I think Michael is alive.. I answer that I don´t know. And they ask me to tell them a little about what´s going on in the investigation. I tell them as little as possible (I´m talking about people who aren´t fans and who just might have been on the Chandler´s side all those years ago), because I don´t want them to think this is another Elvis-situation and I don´t want to tell them everything about Michael. I don´t know why. I don´t feel very comfortable talking about Michael in general with people who don´t understand. Frankly, I hate it. ´Cause it hurts so bad if they´d say something mean or disrespectful about him, and it happens very often, even if they don´t mean to.

I´m still watching Jacksons´ Variety Show, ahaha, I´ve been watching it none stop since nine this morning. Hi, no-lifer (well, actually, watching Mikey for that many hours I call a very nice life). Omg, how many hours has it been? I started at six last night, watched ´til three at night, so that´s nine hours. Then I went to bed, slept for six hours, woke up and started watching it right away. I ain´t stopping yet. Michael is so darn handsome, good gracious!

never wanna let you go

Okay, all I did from six pm last night til three am was to watch Jacksons´ Variety Show. All I´ve been doing this morning from nine til now has been watching Jacksons´ Variety Show. I´m in loooove with it. Wish I could have it playing 24/7 on a big screen on my wall. Well, a screen as big as my wall. Well, I wish I had a bigger wall. And an even bigger screen. Human-sized Michael. Mhmmm.

By the way; One question I am being asked very frequently by Jackson-fans who looked up my twitter, my phone number, my facebook.. Is, what would I do if Michael stepped forward and announced he´s well and alive? I would be the happiest girl alive, no doubt, and I would immediately jump on the next plane to wherever he is. There, now everybody gets their answer and I don´t have to write it a zillion times.

Never can say goodbye.. No, no, no, no. Never can say goodbye.. Even though the pain and heartache seems to follow me wherever I go, though I try and try to hide my feelings they always seem to show. Then you try to say you´re leaving me, and I always have to say no. Tell me why is it so, that I never can say goodbye, no, no, no, no. Never can say goodbye. Every time I think I´ve had enough, I start heading for the door. There´s a very strange vibration, piercin´ me right to the core. It says, "Turn around, you fool. You know, you love him more and more". Tell me why is it so, don´t wanna let you go. I never can say goodbye, boy, ooh ooh baby, I never can say goodbye. I keep thinkin´ that our problems soon are all gonna work out. But there´s that same unhappy feeling, and there´s that anguish, there´s that doubt. It´s the same old did ya hang up, can´t do with you or without. Tell me why is it so, don´t wanna let you go. I never can say goodbye, boy, no, no, no, no.

Although, I ain´t never leaving Michael and there would never be no unhappiness or anguish.

Darling, I´ll be yours forever ´cause I never wanna be without love. Darling, never set me free.

i´ll be holding on, holding on, holding on.. yes i will, yes i will.

I was gonna wait for a while with posting this clip, but I just can´t stop myself.. It´s so touching. The Jackson 5 performing in their show. When Mike starts to sing I´ll be there.. and he looks straight into the camera with that intense, fine, kind, warm, loving look in his eyes and that smile and blinking slowly.. there´ll be consequences.

(By the way, please, watch the video clip I posted in my last post. It´s so awesome.)

Look at that! Just watch this and tell me you didn´t melt.

the beat goes on

Today was my grandmother´s funeral.

In my family (which is a very huge family, my mother has around 40 cousins), we are very close. Which is unusual. A lot of families only stay close with the grandparents, the uncles and aunts and cousins you know. Me and my sister are very close to my mother´s cousins and our relatives who live in Canada even. It´s even more unusual for us as being such a big family, plus having half the family in Canada.

Gran´s funeral was very beautiful. It was all very sad of course, but people laughed and there was love everywhere. I am so proud of being part of the Liljedahl/Bohlin family.

I want to share a video clip with you. It´s a video clip that I watch several times a day, every day. It always lifts my spirits up. Never fails. It´s so adorable. It´s the Jackson 5 including Randy performing, and then in the end Janet comes in and she and Randy do a part singing a Sonny & Cher song. It´s so cute, it takes my breath away every time.
I love the part where they sing a song of a vocal group called the Andrew Sisters I think (I´m not sure if I hear him right), and when the song´s over Michael says "The Andrew Sisters!" (as if he was presenting them) and Jackie goes "but I don´t wanna be no Andrew Sister, Mike, come on", Jermagination goes "and I don´t wanna be a girl" and Randy goes "not me!". So Michael says something like (by the way, he´s such a good actor in this part. He looks real insulted when he says this) "okay. So like those warriors we´ll do it like in the army. I´ll ask of volunteers. All that wanna be an Andrew Sister take one step forward!". On this, Mike, Tito and Marlon take one step backwards, making Jermicrowave (Jermaine haha, love making up fun nicknames for that sassy name), Randy and Jackie "volunteers".
Mike yells "hit it girls!". And they imitate the Andrew Sisters.
After that, Mike sings/says "once again, the groups gained a lot of attention". Randy goes "The Beatles!", Jackie goes "Herbits!" or something like that and someone goes Fifty-something. And Mike goes "and among those magical musical teams there were three young ladies who were called The Supremes. Who were Diana Ross, Mary, Florence. The Supremes!".
Jackie goes "I ain´t gonna be no Supreme, Mike, come on, man..". Jermicrophone goes "I don´t wanna be another girl, Michael." Randy goes "I´m not gonna be no Supreme either."
Jackie goes "You know what? We´ll ask for volunteers! All that wanna be a Supreme take one step.." (here Mike, Tito and Mar Mar take one step backwards) ".. backwards." (and here Jackie laughs real cute. He´s so cute, that Jackieboy!)

So, Mike, Marlon and Tweeto imitate The Supremes, and they sing "Stop! In the name of love". It´s soooo fun and it´s sooooo sweet and Mike is sooooo hot imitating Diana Ross! I´m just addicted to that part, and to the Jackie-laugh-part.

After that, the Jackson 5 do Dancing Machine (I love that song sooo much!), a real wonderful performance. It´s so awesome, I love the choreography of that song and Mike´s robot dance.

In the end, when the Jackson 5 have left the floor, Randy and the hostess, Carol Burnett, get out on stage. It goes like this:

Carol: Hey, Randy.
Randy: Yeah.
Carol: Listen to what they´re playing (she means the houseband). I know that Sonny & Cher used to do that.
Randy: Right.
Carol: This is my chance. I´ll be Cher and you´ll be Sonny. Okay?
*Here Janet, eight years old, comes in*
Janet: Uh uh, that´s my part.
Randy: Go home, Jan, what ya doing, Jan, go home, go home.
Janet: Not until I sing my part!
Carol: What´s your name?
Janet: Janet.
Carol: You sing with the group?
Janet: In the Jackson 5 family everybody works.
Carol: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, Sonny & Cher!

Janet and Randy sing "The beat goes on". It´s sooo sweet! Janet´s little moves and Randy´s "oooooooon" (he kinda sounds like he got a hippo in his nostrils) and Janet pulling her dress up, haha! You gotta watch the entire show. It´s so great.
And no, I have no good reason for why I wrote that. It´s just for you to watch anyway.

God´s garden

This is a beautiful and famous poem I´d like to dedicate to my beautiful grandmother, who´s funeral will be today, on the 7th of January, and to my beautiful Michael Jackson, my inspiration, my favorite brother and the love of my life in one and the same wonderful person.

God looked around His garden
and found an empty place
He then looked down upon the earth
and saw your tired face
He put His arms around you
and lifted you to rest
God´s garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best
He knew you were suffering
He knew that you were in pain
He knew that you would never
get well on earth again
He saw the road was getting rough
and the hills were hard to climb
So He closed your weary eyelids
and whispered, "peace be thine"
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn´t go alone
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home

he taught me to walk on the moon

Last night I read Moonwalk, from start to end. I just couldn´t stop.
That book.. it´s just something. Something out of this universe. Because it is written by and tells the story of a man who is out of this universe.
I am speechless. I don´t know how many times I´ve used that word when I relate to the King, but I mean it every single time. It´s the only word to describe how I feel when I am supposed to reflect over it. No one could ever give this book, this man, a fair reflection. Never.
Everyone should read this book, whether you´re a fan or not. Everyone. It´s such an inspiration, but most important of all.. It gives the world a chance to realize the truth about Michael Jackson. That he really was a normal human being who just happened to be the biggest genius of all time.
I thought I knew who Michael Jackson is. What I did know is that he´s just like everyone else. I did know that he has feelings just like everyone else, he gets hurt, he gets embarrassed, he falls in love, he has sexual urges. That is something people seem to just look past. "It´s okay if I say Michael Jackson´s a racist, because he won´t mind because people have said that so many times, he´s used to it."
When I read Moonwalk.. on every page there was something that made me gasp for breath because I was so taken by his genius. On a lot of pages, there were things that took me by surprise. Things that.. well, I can´t really describe it. I was surprised, even though it was what I expected. One thing I was extremely happy to read, and I remember thinking in that moment that this people really should read, was this particular part (it´s in Swedish because the book I read is in Swedish, I read it while waiting for it to be changed to English):
"I den sången och senare i Billie Jean, tycks det kanske som om kvinnor framställs på ett ofördelaktigt sätt. Men det är inget personligt ställningstagande. Det behöver knappast påpekas att jag älskar samspelet mellan könen. Det är en naturlig del av livet och jag älskar kvinnor. Men när sex används som ett slags utpressning eller maktmedel tycker jag det är motbjudande och ett missbruk av Guds gåvor."
This I knew already. But I know most people don´t. A lot of people think Michael is a person who sits in Neverland on a big throne wearing a crown trying to make up new weird ideas, such as buying the Elephant Man´s bones, and waste all his money on unneccessary, weird things. (Now, this is something other people think and not my own idea. I know Michael doesn´t do that, as I´ve already told you I know he is just like any other.) I think this part of Moonwalk in a way shows that Michael really is like any other man.
To call him a genius seems so little. I wish there was a vocabulary that encompassed what I feel.

run free to a place where no one dares to

Your love is magical, that´s how I feel.. but I have not the words here to explain.. gone is the grace for expressions of passion.. but there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain to tell you how I feel.. but I am speechless.. speechless, that´s how you make me feel. though I´m with you I am far away and nothing is for real.. when I´m with you I´m lost for words, I don´t know what to say. my head´s spinning like a carousel, so silently I pray.. helpless, and hopeless, that´s how I feel inside. nothing´s real, but all is possible if God is on my side. when I´m with you I am in the light, where I cannot be found. it´s as though I´m standing in the place called Hallowed Ground. Speechless.. speechless, that´s how you make me feel. Though I´m with you I am far away and nothing is for real.. I´ll go anywhere and do anything just to touch your face.. There´s no mountain high I cannot climb, I´m humbled in your grace.. Speechless.. speechless, that´s how you make me feel. Though I´m with you, I am far away and nothing is for real.. Your love is magical, that´s how I feel.. but in your presence I am lost for words, words like.. like.. I love you.

(I apologize for uploading the same pictures all the time but they´re just too beautiful :)

I wrap you around all of my thoughts. forever, Michael.

Tonight was very rough on me. I was doing fine during the day. But then I was gonna search for a specific interview with Janet tonight, and I accidentically wound up watching the one where she speaks for the first time after Michael´s passing.. It definitely took a toll on me. I cried like I haven´t since the 10th. It´s like I´m dry of tears. Well, I thought. Until tonight. It was like as if Loch Ness suddenly decided to move into my eyes. And my eyes aren´t big enough to hold that much water, I´m afraid.
As if that wasn´t enough.. all of a sudden Paris´ speech came up.
I don´t know about you guys, but I haven´t been able to watch a second of the memorial. I watched it when it was on tv live, and it was torture watching and hearing Paris. Well, all of it was torture. After that I just haven´t been ready to see it again. And now it forced itself at me. And that was the straw that broke the camels back and I went nuts and .. This was completely pointless.
Has any of you been able to watch the memorial?

you don´t climb trees? no, I don´t. you´re missing out.

"When Michael Jackson sings it is with the voice of angels, and when his feet move, you can see God dancing."

- Bob Geldof

it´s hard to always laugh when you don´t know what people find so funny.

Oh wow, it´s been a very productive day on my part. The room is almost done and finally dancing friendly, will try to learn the Rhythm Nation choreography. By the way, I´m making an order from tonight, too much space on the shelf. Thinking of order Michael Jackson´s Off The Wall (well, that one´s nailed), a Jackson 5 album and a Janet Jackson album.

I almost had a heartattack earlier today. In all the tumult from the remake of my room, I´d lost my Michael Jackson posters! And I have hundreds of them. I couldn´t find them anywhere. Mom looked for them as well.
When I´d been looking for over three hours, I just picked up a plastic bag on my floor just to remove it, and.. of course, there they were. Reliieeeefffff! I thought someone´d thrown them away.

The world´s most beautiful woman, for sure. Janet Damita Jo Jackson.


Ok. Just realized he was talkin ´bout the show.

I´m embarrassing.


my cherie amour

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS! Jermaine just twitted they´re coming to Norway!




I´m just having real good time right now. The Jacksons, mostly Marlon, are spamming twitter with all kinds of messages, it´s real fun to talk to them. Marlon´s really going nuts.
Thanks to mjackson for linking me, hope everyone who found their way enjoyed their stay. I was extremely surprised to see the numbers before.
I sent them a little email because I didn´t wanna write it all over the twit-world; if you´d like to read it, here it is:

Hiii you guys! Just wanted to let ya´ll know (as if you didn´t all ready) we love you endlessly and beyond words, we really do! Will enjoy A fam dyn when it gets to Sweden and will absolutely get the DVD when it comes out! Love you so much, I would´ve never been able to go through all this SHIT without every single one of you because I lost two very dear ones that are very close my heart last year, you know who one of them is, the other one is my beloved grandmother. Without you I would´ve never been able to pull through. Never. I owe you everything, I´m sorry to say I´ll never be able to pay back.
L.O.V.E. You mean the world to me.

get on the floor and dance with me

Yellow, schmucks, and welcome! I had a biii-I---iig amount of readers today already, probably thanks to this in memory of MJ-blog! Thanks alot girl, love your blog :)

There hasn´t been any kind of updating earlier today because I went to see two of my Canadian relatives that are here in Sweden because of my grandmother´s funeral on thursday. One of them I had never met before, so it was real nice. Especially as I had someone to speak English with.

I also got a rrreaalll nice surprise (haha, like Eddie says in Ett päron till farsa firar jul, you know?). I got my late b-daypresent from my uncle and aunt. I couldn´t have gotten anything better! I got Michael Jackson´s biography Moonwalk, and another book in the memory of Michael with loads of pictures in and text about his life. I´m so happy! Though I´m changing Moonwalk, it´s in Swedish and I haven´t read a book in Swedish for a very long time.

Janet Jackson is such a sweetheart. She´s just like Michael.

sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

To Michael.

Every night I rush to my bed, with hopes that maybe I´ll get a chance to see you. When I close my eyes I´m going out of my head. Lost in a fairytale, can you hold my hands and be my guide?
Clouds filled with stars cover the skies, and I hope it rains, you´re the perfect lullaby. What kind of dream is this?
You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I don´t wanna wake up from you.
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Somebody pinch me, your love´s too good to be true.
My guilty pleasure, I ain´t going no where. Baby, long as you´re here I´ll be floating on air.
You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I don´t wanna wake up from you.
I mention you when I say my prayers. I wrap you around all of my thoughts. Boy, you´re my temporary high.
I wish that when I wake up you´re there, to wrap your arms around me for real, and tell me you´ll stay by my side.
Clouds filled with stars cover the skies, and I hope it rains, you´re the perfect lullaby. What kind of dream is this?
You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I don´t wanna wake up from you.
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Somebody pinch me, your love´s too good to be true.
My guilty pleasure, I ain´t going no where. Baby, long as you´re here I´ll be floating on air.
Tattoo your name across my heart so it will remain. Not even death can make us part.
You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I don´t wanna wake up from you.
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Somebody pinch me, your love´s too good to be true.
My guilty pleasure, I ain´t going no where. Baby, long as you´re here I´ll be floating on air.
You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I don´t wanna wake up from you.

i´ve always wanted to throw a plate at a wall and say "opa"!

I just asked Jodi Gomes whether the show Jackson A family dynasty is running in Scandinavia and she answered that I´m a great fan and thanks for the support! But the most important thing she told me is that the show is coming out on DVD top of this year! I´m so excited :D

Joan of Art reincarnated, maybe we could be related

Just got home, we skipped the iceskating and went to the mall instead. Got something turquoise with holes in it, very uninteresting.

Don´t forget! Follow the Jackson brothers on twitter, and tune in to watch A family dynasty, new episode on Sunday! 10/9 pm on A&E. Help promote, spread the word, create the buzz, BE the buzz! Let´s help make 2010 the year of the Jacksons.

My twitterLet´s all follow each others to help make A family dynasty bigger, and to support our beloved Jackson family.

Also, don´t forget to scroll down to read my post called "extra! extra!". It´s brilliant (no braging since it´s not about something out of my own opinion, just suspicious minds), I think everyone, fan of Michael Jackson or not, should read it. Mom thinks this whole conspiracy thing is just like the Elvis-conspiracy or the moonlanding-conspiracy - but I think there´s something to it. There sure is something that is wrong.

I luffles this pic <3  TOY, Michael.

filled with space age design

Just about to head for the iceskating rink! Just wanted to spread the Jackson-brothers´ (Jackie, Tito, Jermaine & Marlon) message;
"New Episode Jackson Family Dynasty SUNDAY 10/9pm c on A&E! Retweet & put in your stat to keep ratings high! Thx 4 support All."
I didn´t think the show was running in Scandinavia, but a friend of mine in Norway just told me he´d seen in on some channel over there. I gotta get in touch with the Jacksons now!

By the way; do you guys have twitter? I would love to know. Here is the Jackson brothers´ mutual twitter (all except Randy). Here is my own.

pax vobiscum

I´m going iceskating with mom and Helene! Cya later, schmuckers!

By the way, I would like every single one of you (fan of Michael or not) to read my post called "extra! extra!" one post down. It´s incredibly interesting!

everyone please follow me

Goodmorning, schmucks! I´m just gonna post a little one, better hurry up, I´m going to the big town with mom, sister to meet my uncle and aunt to celebrate my birthday since they couldn´t come on the big day.
Have a nice one :)

extra! extra!

I was just goofying around, ready to turn the computer off when I, by coincidence (I just accidentically clicked a link when I was trying to click down the page, so it was definitely a coincidence), got onto a blog called SHAMONE!.
It´s a blog that writes about all the weird stuff connected to the death of Michael Jackson.
I just found a very weird post in this blog. Do you guys know who Cassandra Gretchen-Sims is? Not? Well, she was working with Michael on the script for This Is It. She´s been working with Michael before, and according to herself, they are close friends, and she talks to him almost every day.
She tells us she has a message from Michael. He told her, according to her (I beg you to not take any of this as facts, this is not a trustworthy person, and I won´t believe any of it until I see and hear Michael saying it), to tell us fans this:

He told me to ‘tell everyone, tell all my fans’ that the stories of his drug abuse and addiction ’sadly, are true. But I’m not dead. I’m getting stronger and drugs are behind me. I’ll never take another drug, not even an aspirin. Tell my fans I’m sorry for putting them through so much sadness and turmoil.

“‘Tell them I had to do it. I had no choice. If I had tried to do the London shows we had scheduled, I would have died for real. I thank God for helping me see the light. I will see you all next June on my world tour – the greatest tour the world has ever seen, bigger than Thriller, bigger than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined.’”

Gretchen-Sims declined to say where Michael is located, but in a verbal slip noted that “Eastern Europe is the safest place …” suggesting that he is – as earlier reports suggested – hiding out in Romania, Hungary or possibly even Russia, where reporters and his enemies would be hard pressed to find him.

I checked Kenny Ortega´s twitter yesterday, I went waaay back, back to September. He posted this:
"Smee: Captain, the ice is melting, the sun is out and the flowers are all in bloom.
Captain Hook: He´s back

If there is any hidden message in this post.. it is without doubt that Michael will be back this spring. This we could connect to what Cassandra claims that Michael told her to tell us, "I will see you all next June on my world tour".
Although, Kenny O also wrote the day after the Peter Pan post, that there are never any hidden messages in his posts, and that we should never think so. I don´t want to believe him, but I can´t really seem to help to.

Another thing I reacted on.. the verbal slip about Michael´s hiding place. Who does a verbal slip, saying "Eastern Europe is the safest place.."? You don´t just say that with no reason. And that is no answer to any question. It could be the answer when they asked her where Michael was, but that answer we already know is that she can´t tell them. So I don´t know.. if I trust this. Well, I don´t. But I won´t just let it slip before my eyes. I´ll keep checking up on Cassandra, I´ll try to get in touch with her, I´ll try to make myself a better picture of her.

I tried to do this a fifteen minutes ago. I googled her to see who she really was, if she was on wikipedia or something. I didn´t get up any information on her, besides all the Michael stuff. But what I did get up - is that people seem convinced she is Michael himself.
In this interview, it doesn´t say how the interview was achieved; orally, or behind a screen.

I found a video on youtube. It´s about all the 33 clues there will be in This Is It (it was made before the premiere). In it, the maker had quoted something Cassandra Gretchen-Sims had said. She´d said, Michael had told her this; "Whoever can see the 33 clues will know the truth and the whole truth about my disappearance".

If only I could put that Cassandra in a chair of truth and really find out whether she´s actually Michael´s messenger, or just a bitch who wants attention.. If this is true. Then I am the happiest girl alive. And the most worried girl alive. What if Michael would some, very beautiful, day out that he´s alive? Imagine how the world would react. It would all be worse than it ever was. Imagine all the filthy tabloids there will be..
But I would make them go away. I would take all the trashy tabloids and burn them. And when I become a ghost, I will haunt every single one who ever said a bad word about Michael down.
He must know he´d make this world so much merrier if he would come back. Know that.

Something else Cassandra claims:

“He is monitoring the Internet and he really enjoys all the messages from his fans. He said they ‘give me strength and fill me with love. Tell them that all the love they send to me I send right back. I love my fans!’”

Gretchen-Sims says that even though she and Michael are talking “a lot and regularly,” she will not betray his confidence and discuss the subject of conversations or plans that he might have “unless and until he tells me to.”

“That might be later today, that might be tomorrow, that might be a month from now.  I’ll say more when Michael gives me the word. For now, just know that he is well and happy and getting stronger by the day.

“And he will be back. That’s a guarantee.”

Now I´ll go find that Cassandra Gretchen-Sims.

Please, come back, darling. We miss you.

I remember kisses, let me see. aye, that is a kiss. a powerful thing.

This Is It will soon be out on DvD. Kenny O announced not long ago the exact date isn´t yet set, there´s only a mall (that´s been leaked). All he knows so far is that it´s due in the end of January.

I just caught myself thinking of Paris, Prince & Blanket Jackson as Wendy, Michael and John in Peter Pan.

A beautiful piece of text I found on I´d like you to read it, and spread the word.

2009 was a year that our world-wide family suffered the unimaginable, the loss of our beloved Michael.  As a result, this holiday season wasn't quite as bright, hope-filled or joyous.  There seemed little to celebrate when we cast the eye of our imagination toward that empty chair at our communal table, missing that brilliant smile, delightful laugh and perfect voice.

Now, at the beginning of a new year as we continue to try to make sense of the senseless, find hope in what seems hopeless and gather strength for our wounded hearts, it becomes more important than ever to return to the messages that Michael Jackson brought to our world.

Love the Earth. Respect and honor our Great Mother and do what is right every day to sustain, defend and protect her.

Love and protect our children as they are the future. Enjoy their innocence and joy when they are young and help them to become gracious and graceful, peaceful and loving adults.

Remember childhood and keep the best of it with you forever.

Love, honor, respect and cherish one another.

Be generous with your love and understanding and frugal, truthful and kind with criticism.  Say it with The L-O-V-E.

Nurture your ability to create, express and imagine. Celebrate magic.

Believe in yourself no matter what it might take. Keep the faith in yourself and in one another.                           

Dance before the mirror of life with joy.

May 2010 bring us justice, strength and a renewed sense of purpose.

May Peace Be With You Always,

The MJFC Team

once upon a time, there was a boy named Peter Pan..

Just woke up, gonna fix some in the room now. Going to the movies with mom and sister later, probably gonna see "Old Dogs" I think it´s called. The one with Travolta?
Just asked Kenny Ortega why TII was filmed with cameras for IMAX theatres. Can´t wait for the answer.
Have a nice day, TOY, Michael :)

Pictures will for sure be up tonight, I swear to God :)

the boy who never grows up

Smee: Captain, the ice is melting, the sun is out and the flowers are all in bloom.
Captain Hook: He's back.

I'm just like anyone. I cut and I bleed. and I embarrass easily.

I would like to give you guys a tip. It´s a video made by my dear friend Nessa. It´s hilarious, sweet, sad, happy, sexy, it´s everything. Main character; all our own Michael Joseph Jackson.
Please watch it. It´s beautiful. Especially in the end. It put waterfalls to my eyes. The This Is It smile..
I miss him so much.

1st of January 2010

Writing that headline was really weird. Really weird.
I panicked this morning, when I realized this is the last day it´ll ever be 2009. It´s not coming back. And it´s weird. I panicked, because I felt I had to write a last post in my diary, ´cause my headlines in it are always the date of the day. It´d be the last time I could ever write of 2009.

When I think of 2010 I think of three things; This is the first year without my grandmother. This is the first year without Michael. This is going to be my most successful year. Even though I can´t help to think it´s all for nothing without my grandma and Michael. But I´ll have to distract myself, ´cause if that keeps on going with everything, I´ll wind up on the street with no place to rest, no place to dress, no place to eat, no place to sleep.

I spent my New Years with my mom, my sister and a family that are all friends of us. It was good, we ate and played games and watched the fireworks. Right after we went home, mom starts work early tomorrow in the morning, so we had to go home right after, which was quite a shame, I think. The two older boys in the family, David and Simon, are effing hilarious.

Happy new year, and please make something out of it. Look yourself in the mirror and make that change, even if it´s for yourself, or for the world.

Who would´ve known, the first picture I´d post 2010, would be of Michael? Heehee.

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