Four Tres Two Uno

Hellooooo there! Thought I'd kick some life into this heap of crap!

I just made the awesomest freakinglicious playlist on Spotify. Ya'll GOTTA check it out!
Für Elise

And if ya'll check it out, you'll find some of that ttttt-ASTEY Alexander Rybak on there. Remember that pretty boy fiddler who won Eurovision last year with Fairytale? Yeah, well.. I didn't like him at first. And then a week ago, he was on Så ska det låta (Swedish version of Norwegian Bit for bit, tone for tone). And he played and sang this Swedish song called "Visa vid vindens ängar".. Have I ever heard anything so beautiful in my life?

Well. He got me. He got me good. He got me so good I'm now considering whether or not to get a violin.


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