you don't know what you Got 'Til It's Gone

Ah, such a good day! Went to school at around ten, talked about what I wanna do when I grow up, and went home like thirty minutes later. Though before I went home, I went to the mall and bought three CDs; Michael Jackson's Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix, Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope, and Stevie Wonder's Number Ones. Oh, and I got the sweetest t-shirt. It's huge, it's white and it's reggae colors.

My teacher asked me if I want to perform at the third graders graduation. They quit gymnasium. It's like graduating from high school, for you american readers.. And yes, of course I would love to do that. I'm just not comfortable enough with my voice to get up on stage and perform. I might do it though. We'll see.

Now: Dentist. Wooohooo!


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