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Hey! Just wanted to let ya´ll know that I´m alive and well.. in fact, today is a very happy day because of something that happened at school. Another reason I´m happy; because I´m gonna take the regular streetclass tomorrow, a poppingclass on Friday and the regular ragga/dancehallclass on Saturday :D

Someone commented at told me that I should update the blog more or I´ll never be famous - well, guess what, hun; I´m not running a blog for fame. I would be ashamed of myself if my blog made me famous. Whenever I notice my readers are increasing, I don´t update for a few days because I don´t want a lot of people to read it. I run this blog to vent and to get stuff out there, to both inspire and get inspired. No other reason than that.


Postat av: shamone

The blog is updated girl! ;-)

2010-03-13 @ 11:43:05

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