who´s that in that nasty car? nasty boys!

Something very strange happened like thirty minutes ago. I was watching Janet Jackson´s interview (the one where she´s talking about Michael, it was very sad, I cried a lot. Can´t watch more than part one), and all of a sudden blood just came flooding out of my mouth. It didn´t stop for quite a while, and I used up three rolles of toilet paper. That is so not normal.

Today sucked, it´s always the same after danceclass on Saturdays. I love being there, it´s my resort, you know. My escape. But afterwards.. I just get so depressed. I don´t know why.

I had a very sucky feeling all day because of this thing. Gonna try to dance it off. Going to play blackminton tonight. (Badminton in complete darkness and all you see is the rackets and the ball that are glowing.)

Postat av: Amanda

What are you dancing? :D

2010-01-30 @ 19:52:12
URL: http://supermanda.blogg.se/
Postat av: Amanda

sv: Oh I know! :D

Locking? Really? Me too! It´s so much fun! And street too!

Ah, I wish I could learn choreographies on my own, but it´s hard... However, I know Beat It, haha!

2010-01-30 @ 22:58:26
URL: http://supermanda.blogg.se/
Postat av: Amanda

sv: Yes, I live in Stockholm. Do you? :P

Woh! I know a little bit of Smooth Criminal and Thriller! Haha, well it´s just steps, I don´t know them in order, but... I sing all the time in school, my classmates gets so annoyed. :D

Hm. Know steps just by watching it once? That would be awesome.

2010-01-31 @ 01:02:51
URL: http://supermanda.blogg.se/
Postat av: Amanda

sv: You´re creepy! Yes, I do dance at danscenter!

Oh, I thought you meant streetdance! Np, I don´t dance streetstar. Is it fun? (:

2010-01-31 @ 14:22:54
URL: http://supermanda.blogg.se/

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