the beat goes on

Today was my grandmother´s funeral.

In my family (which is a very huge family, my mother has around 40 cousins), we are very close. Which is unusual. A lot of families only stay close with the grandparents, the uncles and aunts and cousins you know. Me and my sister are very close to my mother´s cousins and our relatives who live in Canada even. It´s even more unusual for us as being such a big family, plus having half the family in Canada.

Gran´s funeral was very beautiful. It was all very sad of course, but people laughed and there was love everywhere. I am so proud of being part of the Liljedahl/Bohlin family.

I want to share a video clip with you. It´s a video clip that I watch several times a day, every day. It always lifts my spirits up. Never fails. It´s so adorable. It´s the Jackson 5 including Randy performing, and then in the end Janet comes in and she and Randy do a part singing a Sonny & Cher song. It´s so cute, it takes my breath away every time.
I love the part where they sing a song of a vocal group called the Andrew Sisters I think (I´m not sure if I hear him right), and when the song´s over Michael says "The Andrew Sisters!" (as if he was presenting them) and Jackie goes "but I don´t wanna be no Andrew Sister, Mike, come on", Jermagination goes "and I don´t wanna be a girl" and Randy goes "not me!". So Michael says something like (by the way, he´s such a good actor in this part. He looks real insulted when he says this) "okay. So like those warriors we´ll do it like in the army. I´ll ask of volunteers. All that wanna be an Andrew Sister take one step forward!". On this, Mike, Tito and Marlon take one step backwards, making Jermicrowave (Jermaine haha, love making up fun nicknames for that sassy name), Randy and Jackie "volunteers".
Mike yells "hit it girls!". And they imitate the Andrew Sisters.
After that, Mike sings/says "once again, the groups gained a lot of attention". Randy goes "The Beatles!", Jackie goes "Herbits!" or something like that and someone goes Fifty-something. And Mike goes "and among those magical musical teams there were three young ladies who were called The Supremes. Who were Diana Ross, Mary, Florence. The Supremes!".
Jackie goes "I ain´t gonna be no Supreme, Mike, come on, man..". Jermicrophone goes "I don´t wanna be another girl, Michael." Randy goes "I´m not gonna be no Supreme either."
Jackie goes "You know what? We´ll ask for volunteers! All that wanna be a Supreme take one step.." (here Mike, Tito and Mar Mar take one step backwards) ".. backwards." (and here Jackie laughs real cute. He´s so cute, that Jackieboy!)

So, Mike, Marlon and Tweeto imitate The Supremes, and they sing "Stop! In the name of love". It´s soooo fun and it´s sooooo sweet and Mike is sooooo hot imitating Diana Ross! I´m just addicted to that part, and to the Jackie-laugh-part.

After that, the Jackson 5 do Dancing Machine (I love that song sooo much!), a real wonderful performance. It´s so awesome, I love the choreography of that song and Mike´s robot dance.

In the end, when the Jackson 5 have left the floor, Randy and the hostess, Carol Burnett, get out on stage. It goes like this:

Carol: Hey, Randy.
Randy: Yeah.
Carol: Listen to what they´re playing (she means the houseband). I know that Sonny & Cher used to do that.
Randy: Right.
Carol: This is my chance. I´ll be Cher and you´ll be Sonny. Okay?
*Here Janet, eight years old, comes in*
Janet: Uh uh, that´s my part.
Randy: Go home, Jan, what ya doing, Jan, go home, go home.
Janet: Not until I sing my part!
Carol: What´s your name?
Janet: Janet.
Carol: You sing with the group?
Janet: In the Jackson 5 family everybody works.
Carol: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, Sonny & Cher!

Janet and Randy sing "The beat goes on". It´s sooo sweet! Janet´s little moves and Randy´s "oooooooon" (he kinda sounds like he got a hippo in his nostrils) and Janet pulling her dress up, haha! You gotta watch the entire show. It´s so great.
And no, I have no good reason for why I wrote that. It´s just for you to watch anyway.


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