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The Daily Love: Seriously, dance like no one is looking! Shut up and kiss them.

I just wanted to show you guys the braids I´ll be getting when I go to Thailand later this year :)  And I figured I´ll be having these braids exactly - well, yes, obviously, I´ll have my own hair, but it will be this length and color and everything. Pretty awesome. ´Cause this is the length of my hair if it gets completely straightened, which it will when it´s braided. So..

Postat av: Cybéle

Lr hur?? håll vad ni lovar..

Kom ihåg när jag va liten & man lekte ute sen sprang man in & ba"Jaa Disneydags" :D sen va det inget sen sprang alla ut & ba"Gaaah ingen Disneydags ju"!!!-.- :P

2010-01-23 @ 22:14:45
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Postat av: Amanda

sv: HAHAHAHA! Sounds like an extraordinary family! Me and my brother is not quite so... I don't know what to call it. Altough, one time for about 3 years ago, I actually made my mom cry because I was so annoying. Hopefully, that won't happen again...

Yes, imagine being that beautiful!

2010-01-23 @ 23:05:14
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Postat av: Amanda

sv: Oh yes, I'm very glad we're not that kind of a family either. I don't understand why some teenagers find it fun to get drunk? I would never. I mean, you can have fun without alcohol. Plus, you rememeber what you did that day.

Crap! That sounds enormous! I've always dreamt about having so much relatives, and to have them in my house all the time. Unlucky for me, I don't. I meet them at holidays and so, but not every day.

Haha I know, that is not something I'm proud of.

2010-01-23 @ 23:39:04
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Postat av: Amanda

sv: Haha, well, at least you get the answer you're looking for. Mostly.

Yeah, heard that before. That it tastes aweful I mean. Then I don't understand why you drink it. Really. Is it because of the pressure? Do people think you're cool if you do it? My opinion is this, if these people you call "friends" think you're cool if you drink alcohol, then you better get some new ones.

Exactly, if you have not felt the desire before, why on earth would you someday, when you wake up, have the feeling that: "Oh, I feel like drinking alcohol today!"?

2010-01-24 @ 00:05:43
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Postat av: Amanda

sv: Well of course, if you think it tastes good, then fine by me. The only thing I'm disturbed about actually, is the pressure. If you don't feel like doing it - then don't.

Oh, water that tastes metal is HORRIBLE! I hate it.

Sometime has to be the first one, right? Although, I'm planning on being a... How do you say it? nykterist.

2010-01-24 @ 01:24:39
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2010-01-24 @ 02:49:14
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Postat av: Cybéle

Haha det va tider det ;P

2010-01-24 @ 13:00:24
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