P is for please, please don´t go

Sitting here looking for acting jobs listening to Mike.. What in the world wouldn´t I give to have a voice like his? At least I´d like to be a singer. I´ve been practising singing since I was a little turkey. Personally I really don´t think I can sing, but I´ll leave that to others (since you can´t really hear yourself unless you record it, which I haven´t). I don´t think that´d help anyways though, since I´m a perfectionist and I´ll probably never be satisfied with my voice.
I got sooo much to do in school right now, but I´m so narrowed right now dancing and singing and looking for acting jobs. I won´t let myself fail in any subject though.
First danceclass of the year starts today! Street. I´m looking forward, I need some new routines! The only routines I´m doing right now over and over again is the first minute of Rhythm Nation (since there´s a place where I can´t get any further because I´m a horrible choreographer), the two choreos we were doing in danceclass last year, and all the Michael Jackson choreos.. yeah. I defo need some new routines.

And no, I still can´t believe Genevieve Jackson is following me.


Postat av: CLIP

det är madame tussauds! har du någonsin varit där? sjukt häftigt!:)

2010-01-28 @ 17:30:08
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