never wanna let you go

Okay, all I did from six pm last night til three am was to watch Jacksons´ Variety Show. All I´ve been doing this morning from nine til now has been watching Jacksons´ Variety Show. I´m in loooove with it. Wish I could have it playing 24/7 on a big screen on my wall. Well, a screen as big as my wall. Well, I wish I had a bigger wall. And an even bigger screen. Human-sized Michael. Mhmmm.

By the way; One question I am being asked very frequently by Jackson-fans who looked up my twitter, my phone number, my facebook.. Is, what would I do if Michael stepped forward and announced he´s well and alive? I would be the happiest girl alive, no doubt, and I would immediately jump on the next plane to wherever he is. There, now everybody gets their answer and I don´t have to write it a zillion times.

Never can say goodbye.. No, no, no, no. Never can say goodbye.. Even though the pain and heartache seems to follow me wherever I go, though I try and try to hide my feelings they always seem to show. Then you try to say you´re leaving me, and I always have to say no. Tell me why is it so, that I never can say goodbye, no, no, no, no. Never can say goodbye. Every time I think I´ve had enough, I start heading for the door. There´s a very strange vibration, piercin´ me right to the core. It says, "Turn around, you fool. You know, you love him more and more". Tell me why is it so, don´t wanna let you go. I never can say goodbye, boy, ooh ooh baby, I never can say goodbye. I keep thinkin´ that our problems soon are all gonna work out. But there´s that same unhappy feeling, and there´s that anguish, there´s that doubt. It´s the same old did ya hang up, can´t do with you or without. Tell me why is it so, don´t wanna let you go. I never can say goodbye, boy, no, no, no, no.

Although, I ain´t never leaving Michael and there would never be no unhappiness or anguish.

Darling, I´ll be yours forever ´cause I never wanna be without love. Darling, never set me free.

Postat av: Nora Fazel

Ha, that´s exactly how I feel... I´d be like "GIVE ME THE PLANETICKET´S I´M GONE, PEACE OUT". Haha! Seriously, it feels like he´s alive at some points. I mean, it´s just not possible that he´s dead. Doesn´t make sence, somehow...

Peace and love

2010-01-09 @ 15:31:15
Postat av: Mjalive

Jo eftersom att han bytte namn... hmmm. det blir mer och mer spännande hela tiden! :O JAG VET SNART INTE VAD JAG SKA TA MIG TILL! har du hittat nått mer?

Ja jag undrar vad hemligheten i jacksons serien blir.. jag kan inte riktigt tänka mig vad det skulle kunna vara förutom......... har du några planer på vad det annars skulle kunna vara?

och du, jag följer med dit han nu är! ;)

2010-01-09 @ 15:48:48
Postat av: mjalive

Eller hur! allt är så konstigt! Mitt huvud håller på att bli helt konstigt! För mycket fakta och för mycket tänkande...

Det blir spännande att se vad det kommer att vara! I can't wait. shit vad mycket av min tid som går till det här alltså.. dagar, nätter, veckor och månader...

2010-01-09 @ 16:51:18

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