if you´re blue and you don´t know where to go to

I´ve given up. After had almost a whole day of fighting with my inner self, looking deep into myself to find even the slightest bit of discipline, I couldn´t drive it out. I am making chocolate balls.
The problem is that I feel so darn sick after two balls. I never learn.

This day just sucked. I´ve been inside all day, and I can´t do that. I feel so bad if I´ve been inside my house an entire day. I need air! I need to do something productive, or I´ll feel so bad. I´m glad danceclass starts on Thursday, it´ll be real good.

I know it has no point whatsoever, but I hardly got an account thinking it´ll change the world. Ask me questions, I love answering questions, haha, don´t ask me why. (If you´d be so kind, keep it in English, please!)

This is why I need to go to space

This is why I´m not only existing, but living

Postat av: Amanda

sv: Haha, pretty much!

2010-01-24 @ 21:30:52
URL: http://supermanda.blogg.se/

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