he taught me to walk on the moon

Last night I read Moonwalk, from start to end. I just couldn´t stop.
That book.. it´s just something. Something out of this universe. Because it is written by and tells the story of a man who is out of this universe.
I am speechless. I don´t know how many times I´ve used that word when I relate to the King, but I mean it every single time. It´s the only word to describe how I feel when I am supposed to reflect over it. No one could ever give this book, this man, a fair reflection. Never.
Everyone should read this book, whether you´re a fan or not. Everyone. It´s such an inspiration, but most important of all.. It gives the world a chance to realize the truth about Michael Jackson. That he really was a normal human being who just happened to be the biggest genius of all time.
I thought I knew who Michael Jackson is. What I did know is that he´s just like everyone else. I did know that he has feelings just like everyone else, he gets hurt, he gets embarrassed, he falls in love, he has sexual urges. That is something people seem to just look past. "It´s okay if I say Michael Jackson´s a racist, because he won´t mind because people have said that so many times, he´s used to it."
When I read Moonwalk.. on every page there was something that made me gasp for breath because I was so taken by his genius. On a lot of pages, there were things that took me by surprise. Things that.. well, I can´t really describe it. I was surprised, even though it was what I expected. One thing I was extremely happy to read, and I remember thinking in that moment that this people really should read, was this particular part (it´s in Swedish because the book I read is in Swedish, I read it while waiting for it to be changed to English):
"I den sången och senare i Billie Jean, tycks det kanske som om kvinnor framställs på ett ofördelaktigt sätt. Men det är inget personligt ställningstagande. Det behöver knappast påpekas att jag älskar samspelet mellan könen. Det är en naturlig del av livet och jag älskar kvinnor. Men när sex används som ett slags utpressning eller maktmedel tycker jag det är motbjudande och ett missbruk av Guds gåvor."
This I knew already. But I know most people don´t. A lot of people think Michael is a person who sits in Neverland on a big throne wearing a crown trying to make up new weird ideas, such as buying the Elephant Man´s bones, and waste all his money on unneccessary, weird things. (Now, this is something other people think and not my own idea. I know Michael doesn´t do that, as I´ve already told you I know he is just like any other.) I think this part of Moonwalk in a way shows that Michael really is like any other man.
To call him a genius seems so little. I wish there was a vocabulary that encompassed what I feel.

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Sv: Ja. :)

2010-01-06 @ 18:54:57
URL: http://mjackson.blogg.se/
Postat av: mjalive

ja gör det :D

åh du måste läsa den på engelska, det känns som att han sitter och läser för mig, det är så vackert med hans exakta ord (L)

2010-01-06 @ 18:58:56
URL: http://mjalive.blogg.se/
Postat av: CLIP


I love moonwalk, I love Mikey!<3

2010-01-06 @ 19:30:04
URL: http://clip.blogg.se/
Postat av: Mjalive

hehe aa du får göra det :) visst är den fantastisk <3 man kan läsa i flera timmar.

2010-01-06 @ 23:00:36
URL: http://mjalive.blogg.se/

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