´cause your love is alright! alright!

Oh my god, I´m in a state of shock! My mom lets me play Michael Jackson on the stereo past her bed time! OHMYGOD! It´s never happened before, never, I tell you! It´s almost worth celebrating. The volume isn´t the highest, I give you that, but my door isn´t closed or anything. As I said, I´m shocked.

Okay, fun time´s over. She just told me to cut it out.

I´m going to Thailand next winter, and I´m going to get those afro-braids. I just found a picture of Janet with that. The difference would be that the part of her hair that´s not braided, I´m getting braided. Because it would look INSANE if it wasn´t. My afro would just.. Yeah. Just imagine. Slick, tight hair on the top of my head and then BOOM where the fro comes out. Not so pretty, no.

Question; How come so many people read my blog? And how come only one answered my Jackson-brothers question? Tss, tss.

Postat av: Nora Fazel

What? I didn´t? Shame on me! I am terribly sorry!

But what I meant was that your hair (header hair) happens too look like Janets! Cuz´once she wore this white awsome outfit, and she had the curls you have on your header, if that is you ofcourse! :D

No! I am not stalking you! I think. I mean, I stalk so many people I can´t really remember :o

Peace and love

2010-01-16 @ 23:14:34
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