so ya think you´re ready?

The reason I wrote happy birthday to Blanket yesterday, was that Tweetland was all over it. I thought it was today, but yeah, I´ve been wrong before. So..


(Or did I write happy birthday to Blanket yesterday? Maybe I didn´t.)

Nerves are starting to kick in for real because of tomorrow.. I need to.. I don´t know. I´m not 100% sure of what a casting is, if it´s like an audition. But wouldn´t they call it an audition if it was? There gotta be some kinda difference..
I wish I still went to Hemmesta (my old school) because then I´d have access to a recording studio every day and I don´t right now. I need one.
My friend, Stevie Mackey (who´s also Genevieve Jackson´s vocal coach and close friend, I think that is soooo cool) is performing tonight at the Dream Center. Wish him luck here (his Twitter) ----> Princeofmalibu

Noodles, of course

Janet at the Rock With U Tour. Awesome stageclothes.


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