twinkle twinkle little star

Okay. So. I´ll write about the acting job I did tomorrow.

Here are two pictures of me that my awesome friend Johanna/Oda (she´s changing her name tomorrow from Johanna to Oda. I don´t know what to call her!) took.

I´m warning ya´ll; this is not the prettiest picture of me that´s ever been shot. I don´t get what I´m doing, I don´t look like that. But I´ma stop complaining now. Complaining is for pussies. I hate using that word. Complaining is for cowards.

And this is me when my friend is having a lil fun with the camera. Don´t ask what´s up with my lips. ´Cause I don´t know the answer. Or what´s up with my arm. Why is it all.. looking-like-a-hotdog-ish? Kinda funny.

Okay. So I feel I gave you a lil OD of beautiful pictures of The Rebbie. Goodnight.

Postat av: CLIP

Totally, mine too.Well, well;)

2010-02-09 @ 00:00:55

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