I fly like paper, get high like planes


This day was really weird, like the first half of it was great, I was in a great mood and everything.. Then this one person spoils it all. Because she's stupid, ugly, dumb, yadayadayada.. She's a mean bitch.

I feel good about writing whatever I want in this blog, 'cause no one will ever find out who she is.

Now I need to get out and move my butt, I'm having sleeping problems. I can't fall asleep until about three at night, sometimes five, if I don't exercise during the day. Such a pain in the ass, but if that's what I have to do.. It's just a bad circle really. If I don't exercise one day, I won't fall asleep until three at night, and then I won't wake up until twelve in the day, and then I won't fall asleep until three.. You see where I'm going with this. So I basically gotta become some sort of exercisoholic or something of that nature. Work out every day?! Oh well.

Maybe I could turn this into something good and get a body like the lady in the picture down below..?

Or maybe not.

So..... I'm off!


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