I´m just having real good time right now. The Jacksons, mostly Marlon, are spamming twitter with all kinds of messages, it´s real fun to talk to them. Marlon´s really going nuts.
Thanks to mjackson for linking me, hope everyone who found their way enjoyed their stay. I was extremely surprised to see the numbers before.
I sent them a little email because I didn´t wanna write it all over the twit-world; if you´d like to read it, here it is:

Hiii you guys! Just wanted to let ya´ll know (as if you didn´t all ready) we love you endlessly and beyond words, we really do! Will enjoy A fam dyn when it gets to Sweden and will absolutely get the DVD when it comes out! Love you so much, I would´ve never been able to go through all this SHIT without every single one of you because I lost two very dear ones that are very close my heart last year, you know who one of them is, the other one is my beloved grandmother. Without you I would´ve never been able to pull through. Never. I owe you everything, I´m sorry to say I´ll never be able to pay back.
L.O.V.E. You mean the world to me.


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