keep on with the force, don´t stop, don´t stop ´til you get enough

Oohhhhhh, how goooooood can a man beeee! Seriouslyyyy. Off The Wall is an effing masterpiece. Keep on with the force, don´t stop, don´t stop ´til you get enough.. I am soooo in love with this album! It´s as perfect as can be.

I just discovered Michael´s fly´s open in a picture from the Off The Wall pictures that are in the album.. ?? Is that supposed to be? Here it is, taken with my crappy webcam:

No, you´re not gonna see it here. Because is screwed up. Certain things, like the picture uploading thingy is completely gone. Lovely.

I just heard the Off The Wall version of Workin´ day and night.. I hadn´t before. It´s different in the beginning. This song is so HOT! The entire album is. That breathing/hiccups-thingy he does in the beginning, I hadn´t heard that one before. And then that looong breath he takes right after the chorus.. :)

Hi, I love Michael Jackson.


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