it´s hard to always laugh when you don´t know what people find so funny.

Oh wow, it´s been a very productive day on my part. The room is almost done and finally dancing friendly, will try to learn the Rhythm Nation choreography. By the way, I´m making an order from tonight, too much space on the shelf. Thinking of order Michael Jackson´s Off The Wall (well, that one´s nailed), a Jackson 5 album and a Janet Jackson album.

I almost had a heartattack earlier today. In all the tumult from the remake of my room, I´d lost my Michael Jackson posters! And I have hundreds of them. I couldn´t find them anywhere. Mom looked for them as well.
When I´d been looking for over three hours, I just picked up a plastic bag on my floor just to remove it, and.. of course, there they were. Reliieeeefffff! I thought someone´d thrown them away.

The world´s most beautiful woman, for sure. Janet Damita Jo Jackson.

Postat av: Nora Fazel

Åh, om du kan så! Hur ska du fråga honom btw :o?

Peace and love.

PS. Janet är underbar. Även fast hon är olik Mike så är hon väldigt likt honom. Okej, lät komplicerat.

PS2. Tänk om Mike gömmer sig på Neverland. Liksom.

Wow. Dumt, men... tänk om!

2010-01-04 @ 17:24:22
Postat av: love u more mj

janet är vacker!

2010-01-05 @ 21:36:47

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