goodness has nothing to do with it

Right now I´m watching Funniest Pets and People. That´s how boring life is right now.

Ahahahahahahahahahahhahahha.. peeps. A friend of mine, Sabrina, keeps adding me in pictures of Michael on facebook. She adds me in them like seven times a day. The latest pic she added me in.. well. It made my week. I laughed sooo hard when I saw it. She tagged only me in it, and named the pic "To Rebbie <3 Are you ashamed?". That was the funniest shit ever. Call me boring. I have no idea why she dedicated the picture to me of all people. Hahahaha. HHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is killing me. What are people gonna think when they´re watching pictures of me?

Here´s the pic, peeps. Guess where she tagged me, ahahahahhahahahahahhhahaha.

No, I didn´t untag myself.

Excuse me for my terrible sense of humor.

Postat av: Nora Fazel

In a weird way... that´s really hot! HAHAHA!

Yeah, right? Like why would one spoil the chanses? And you know sometimes when he takes someone up to stage with him... Dude. Like DON´T hurt him, just... show love. It´s kind of confusing. I mean I get if it´s unbelivable, yeah I´d freak out too... but how can one... AAAH. I go crazy, if I had a chanse like that, my life would never be the same!

& thank you! Diana Ross? Never thought of it myself :D

Peace and love

2010-01-11 @ 19:19:26

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