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Yellow, schmucks, and welcome! I had a biii-I---iig amount of readers today already, probably thanks to this in memory of MJ-blog! Thanks alot girl, love your blog :)

There hasn´t been any kind of updating earlier today because I went to see two of my Canadian relatives that are here in Sweden because of my grandmother´s funeral on thursday. One of them I had never met before, so it was real nice. Especially as I had someone to speak English with.

I also got a rrreaalll nice surprise (haha, like Eddie says in Ett päron till farsa firar jul, you know?). I got my late b-daypresent from my uncle and aunt. I couldn´t have gotten anything better! I got Michael Jackson´s biography Moonwalk, and another book in the memory of Michael with loads of pictures in and text about his life. I´m so happy! Though I´m changing Moonwalk, it´s in Swedish and I haven´t read a book in Swedish for a very long time.

Janet Jackson is such a sweetheart. She´s just like Michael.

Postat av: arjana

OMG! Hur fick du kontakt med dom?

Adda mig på MSN, nuuuuuu. :o

2010-01-03 @ 21:59:36
Postat av: CLIP

get it!


2010-01-03 @ 22:29:23

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