forever came today

Nobody seems to wanna answer the question I asked in my last post (bitches..). So I´ll just go ahead and dedicate the song "Forever came today" to Michael instead.
By the way, I love the Jacksons´ Variety Show version of this song, and Marlon´s "it came today, forever came today". It´s great, and his face looks hilarious while singing it. 

HAHA! Peeps, I just realized the text´s form looks kinda like a person wearing a dress, carrying a bowl or something on top of her head. See?

There you are, standing there reaching out for me
Something warm in your eyes touched my heart
And all the love I never knew I found in you
Suddenly, my world, my life was standing still
And you touched my hand I knew that we had laid a plain
Foreverlasting love
I´m forever dreaming of
At last, at last
My forever came today
When you walked into my life
Made my lonely life a paradise
It came today, forever came today
Look into my eyes and see how much I want you
Feel my touch, you know how much I need you
I may be young, but I´m old enough to know
Look at me, I will never let it go
Let this moment thrill me a lifetime
Make it last, make it last
Make it last forever
Darling, ooh, my darling, make me yours
As I touch your face, tell me love has led me
To this place and your warm embrace
Thanks to you, thanks to you my search has ended
And I want the world to see how gently love has shined on me
With everlasting love that I´ve been forever dreaming of
At last, at last
My forever came today
When you walked into my life
Made my lonely life a paradise
It came today, forever came today
It came today, forever came today
Oh, you give me love by the hour
Oh, you´re my precious little flower
Boy, you give me so much sweetness
Oh, you give my life completeness
Make it last for more than just a day
Make it last for more than just an hour
Make it last forever

Postat av: CLIP

it is! isn´t it lovely!

and that´s so beautiful, that one!:)

2010-01-12 @ 17:41:50
Postat av: Cybele

That´s me my dear ;)

Scrubs suger! Men jag kollar med på Desperate Housewives,Grey´s Anatomy,Ugly Betty,Vänner, 2 & a half men,OTH <3 är jag en nörd nu?? ;) Mohaha!

2010-01-12 @ 17:50:29
Postat av: Michael lover<3333333333

Sv: Ja eller hur!? Man ska inte tro på allt som står i skvaller tidningar, aftonbladet m.m. Dom skriver ju bara en massa skit som int är sann, bara för att det säljer....

som Michael sa: folk tror ju på allt som journalister skriver, bara för att dom är journalister!

Love you Michael.<3

2010-01-12 @ 17:50:42
Postat av: Nora Fazel

Oh, now thta you mention it! You´re hair kinda does looks like Janets in the TB show... AAH! She is so marvellous. Extremly talented, beautiful!

Ohyes, Diana Ross sure is beautiful... I´m not sure I look so much like her, haha! But I do have the curly hair, yes ;)

Peace and love

2010-01-12 @ 18:25:24
Postat av: CLIP

it was, I assure you, hah!

I HAVE! love it!

what a lovely picture, rebbie:):)

2010-01-12 @ 18:30:38

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