yes, she said it.. you keep dreamin´!

Jeez, you guys.. I´m going to a casting on Monday :S  I´m feeling a little nervous of course, but I´ll be just fine. What I worry most about is how I´m going to get there.. It´s at this really weird place, what´s it called again.. Värtahamnen? Or something like that. How the heck do I get to Värtahamnen? Doesn´t sound like a place in Stockholm, more like a place in a very cut off part of Skåne or something.. I always screw up going to new places. Okay, yes, I screw up going to old places too. I can´t even go to school by the same bus I´ve been taking for the last sixteen years without getting in trouble.
Second thing I´m worried about.. Well, what are they gonna do to me?! I´ve never been to a casting before. What is that anyways? Is it like an audition? ´Cause if it is, I´m gonna be so nervous I´m sure to find a little sumthin sumthin in my pants right after, I´m tellin´ ya! I hate auditions, but if that´s what it takes.. I´ll be fine.

And for those of you who don´t have the slighest of what I´m talking about - they simply enough want me to come over to audition for a part in a movie. If I get the part, which I´m sure I won´t because these parts are kind of weird, I´ll be either playing a fourteen yearold, or a twenty yearold. Yeah. I´m sixteen. I really don´t know how I´m supposed to pull that off. I´m in a very awkward age.

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Sv: Ja. :D

2010-02-21 @ 18:33:54

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