as jacked as it sounds, the whole system sucks, damnit

Guess what just made it to my mailbox? My records!!
I got Can You Feel It (Jacksons collection) and Off The Wall. I had ordered Moonwalker as well but they´d ran out of it, so I´ll get it as soon as they get it. I am sooo happy :D 
Oh, and I bought a Michael-painting yesterday as well!

I still wanna know your Jackson 5 list. The one you think is the cutest goes number one, and the "ugliest" (none of them ought to be called that, ´cause none of them is ugly in any way. I´m not just saying that because I´m a fan) goes right at the bottom.
Here´s my list;

1. Michael
2. Jackie
3. Jermaine
4. Marlon
5. Randy
6. Tito

I´d also like to know what Michael, Janet and Jackson 5 albums you got (or maybe you got one of the other siblings? Maybe 3T? Genevieve Jackson, perhaps?). I got none of Janet´s, I´m afraid.. I only got Can You Feel It of the Jacksons´, and then of Michael´s I got Bad, Thriller, Dangerous, Thriller 25th Anniversary, Number Ones and Off The Wall.

Someday I´ll shoot all the MJ-stuff I got. I think it´s fun to see what other people have.
Here are the paintings of Mike that I got:

This one is, as you can see, from the Essential Michael Jackson-album, and it´s hugenormous (really big in Rebbie-language).

This one is the same size as the above, that is, hugenormous.

As you can see from my beautiful finger, this painting is not the same size as the previous ones. In fact, it´s real tiny. But ya know, Mike´s in it, so I´m complaining.

This is the one I got yesterday. A little bigger than the one above. Note how I precisely shot it so that it looks like he´s standing on the edge of the photo. I´m a pro.


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